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Thursday, February 17, 2011

"Break out the champagne"

Received an email from my mom this email that I have anxiously been anticipating since my Dad got an MRI last week. The worry has really been eating away at me since my arrival here-- guilt for being away, anxiety for the unknown, and sadness for the grim possibilities. I have been having an amazing time- but there was always an underlying stress. Well- now I can continue my travels without such a heavy heart.

My moms email...

Begin forwarded message:

Hey everybody, the tumor, mass, whatever you want to call it, is still there (as it will always be), but when the doctors at the Brain Tumor Conference looked at it the other day, it not only looked the same, it actually looked better. They only call it NON-SIGNIFICANT CHANGES. I call it AWESOME!
Eileen the nurse is my main contact. I love her. She is going to set us up with a neuro-ophthalmologist at Penn. She will make all the calls , which means we will get in there quickly. Paul's main problem right now is his vision.He has almost a double vision when he uses both eyes looking at a distance. He has good vision out of both , as long as he's only using one at a time. If he looks out of both at the same time he gets dizzy. Eventually that leads to a headache. He's been wearing an eye patch and that works , but it also limits him. The doctors were told about this, and they had the results of his Field Vision test that he had down here last month , but they don't see a direct link to the tumor, so now we are going to see the EYE experts and try to solve this problem.Hopefully they can figure this out.
For now we just relax for another 3 months when we will have another MRI. Except for the eye, and the right side numbness, Paul is feeling great. He rarely ever needs naps, he's sharp as a tack, he can focus on reading again, he's getting stronger, he's been helping me dry dogs when I need him. He's taking care of making his veggie juices, he's "kitchen boy " all of which helps me to no end.
Cailin will be able to continue her traveling with no worries. We can continue to live and love every day that God gives us. Please keep us in your prayers, keep the love and good vibes coming our way. Another plus is that Paul is probably going to take early retirement.The company has made a great offer and he's considering it, so if all goes well he will be a farmer, hunter, fisherman, doggie drier, great father, husband, and all the other things he's always been for many years to come.

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  1. AMAZING NEWS! God Bless, sending all my love + prayers to you guys always. xoxo