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Sunday, June 29, 2014


The HipHop yoga class was an epic success over at YogaDog! The next one is at ITSWELL in North Wildwood on July 11th!! Reserve your spot now (the one at yoga dog sold out!!).

Friday, June 27, 2014

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Some relationships are effortless. My friendship with Bridget is just that....fulfilling, simple, deep and effortless. Despite a busy busy day, I was able to steal away some time to visit with my girl, her adorable baby Isla Sol, her hubby John, and their super-rad dog, Barley. We put a little bindi on our cherub Buddha baby, and she proved that she quite likes inversions by insisting that Bridget hold her upside down. Ha! Love. Effortless love.

The quote of the day was, "Having children is like living in the move Final Destination...everything is trying to kill them!"--bridget tracy. Bridget is an effortless mom, and takes everything smoothly and calmly, but I was a bit on edge with this delicate little being...definitely will be waiting a few more years before I have kids! 

Saturday Donation @ Dragonfly!

This SATURDAY June 28th I will be teaching a one-time-only DONATION class at Dragonfly Yoga + Wellness at 9am. I am super excited to be teaching on Monday nights at Dragonfly this summer 6:30pm, along with some cool workshops and my 6-week Devi + Dharma series! After this Saturday I will be teaching 7:15am at Grace and Glory Yoga. Yeeew look out, it's gonna be a great summer!!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Devi + Dharma Series at Dragonfly

Week 3: KALI

A six week series of two hour explorations of six profound Devis. Asana will be woven with storytelling of hindu mythology, and we will use pranayama, meditations, inquiries and so much more to explore the goddesses and tap deeper into our highest self!!

Dragonfly Yoga + Wellness 
4 Clermont Drive, CMCH, NJ

Wednesday Nights 6pm-8pm

$150 Series/ or $30 Drop In

Yin Series at Grace + Glory Yoga

This 6-week YIN series at the Northfield Grace + Glory Yoga studio will take us on a journey through the mind, body, and spirit! We will work along specific meridians to explore our anatomy, emotions and thought processes using asana, pranayama, meditation, inquiry and more! 

Week 1: Liver/Gallbladder Meridian :: Anger + Compassion
Week 2: Heart/Small Intestines Meridian :: Hate + Love 
Week 3: Spleen/Stomach Meridian :: Anxiety + Equanimity
Week 4: Lungs/Large Intestines Meridian :: Grief + Courage
Week 5: Kidney/UB Meridian :: Fear + Wisdom 
Week 6: ....surprise ;)

The series is open to drop-in, but works beautifully as a consecutive series!! 
July 8th - August 12th, 7:30pm-9:30pm! Reserve your spot today!!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Yesterday was a roller coaster of emotions and it held some powerful lessons. The group dynamic is always interesting, especially when you pepper in some big personalities, lots of "together time", and yoga + meditation in order to break down the ego to build up the spirit. I gotta say, though I didn't think much of the 500hr training that I did *while* I was doing it, I can reflect now and realize what a valuable lesson there was in our classes on "Conscious Communication". It is so incredibly important to communicate how you're feeling...but there is so much more to this than just saying how you feel. It's all about how you present it, both verbally and energetically. And as the receiver, it's all about hearing the issue at hand without viewing it as an attack. Ultimately if we really care for someone and want to support their growth into their highest self, then we should always communicate any areas that could use some attention or awareness. Also, as the receiver, there is no need to be offended because if someone *didnt* care about you then they wouldn't say anything. Got it?

Anywho, long story short-- I learned a lot today, about who I am as a teacher, facilitator, and overall communicator. I love the rahasya ("revealing") that took place and I am grateful for the opportunity to become better. What a day!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Midsummer Night

Golden Buddha Yoga ITALY RETREAT June 2014 ......

Midsummer Night...

The summer solstice, "Midsummer Night", is today and in honor of that shift we made hippie flower headdresses and homemade Epsom salts. This auspicious day is about checking in, taking inventory, and seeing what you need to "wash away"....

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Here is what I have...

Clarissa Pinkola Estes is a truth speaker and a total inspiration. Anytime I need a slap upside the head, I open her book "Women Who Run with Wolves". Like most women, I STRUGGLE with my body image. Especially since I have broken my year long strict candida cleanse, I have put on a few lb's. I am nice and soft and round and...soft and round. Ha! All of the women on this retreat are true goddesses, and we all share a similar fight, that against the mind and ego telling us that we are less than, not enough, or too much. I read this passage from WWRWW and it really hit home for us all...

"The body is like an earth. It is a land into itself. It is as vulnerable to overbuilding, being carved into parcels, cut off, over mined, and shorn of its power as any landscape. The wilder woman will not be easily developed by redevelopment schemes. For her, the questions are not how to perform, but how to feel.

The hips, they are wide for a reason, inside them is a satiny ivory cradle for new life. A woman's hips are outriggers for the body above and below; they are portals, they are a lush cushion, the handholds for love, a place for children to hide behind. The legs, they are meant to take us, sometimes to propel us; they are the pulleys that help lift us, they are the 'anillo', the ring for encircling a lover. They cannot be too this or too that. They are what they are.

There is no "supposed to be" in bodies. The question is not size or shape or years of age, or even having two of everything. But the wild issue is, DOES THIS BODY FEEL, does it have right connection to pleasure, to heart, to soul, to the wild? Does it have happiness, joy? Can it in it's own way move, dance, jiggle, sway, thrust? Nothing else matters."

Can my body move, dance, jiggle, sway and thrust? NOTHING ELSE MATTERS.

After class we did a journaling exercise and wrote a poem based on one by Ntozake Shange. Shanges' goes...



To write your own....

Line 1: "Here is what I have..."
Line 2: Insert noun (yoga, dances, knowledge, etc)
Line 3: one body part (that frustrates you)
Line 4: one body part (that you love)
Line 5: &
Line 6: blank
Line 7: "and so much <insert word>"

My poem was...

Here is what I have...
Big ass
Huge smile

So much fucking joy.

Namaste beautiful people !!

Wine Tasting!!!

Our group of 14 took VITALONGA winery by storm yesterday! We had the BEST evening of wine tasting and then came home for a kickass dance party. Yoga this morning was painful for most the girls, but they did it!!! Yay for hangovers that let us know that we are alive and how important it is to take care of our bodies hahahaha !!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Siena and Aperol Spritz!

Golden Buddha Yoga ITALY RETREAT June 2014....SIENA. 

Today our group of 14 split up and cruised the streets of Siena. We were on our own for lunch, so Cass, Sarah and myself stumbled into a side street restaurant and ordered ourselves a meat plate, a cheese plate, and some porcini mushroom risotto. We sipped on Aperol Spritzs which came with a "warm appetizer"....a soft chewy bread, rolled with delicious ham and fried. GAH. Heaven. 

GBY goes to SIENA!

Golden Buddha Yoga ITALY RETREAT June 2014....adventuring to Siena for the day!! 

Rolfing and Flying.

Rolfing is a crrraaaazy amazing form of bodywork, and thankfully Teah, the hostess for this retreat, is a rolfer! She's also powerful and amazing and an amazing acro yogi. So last night, after everyone had gone to sleep, we rolled out blankets in the kitchen and she "flew" me while "Rolfing" me. Apparently she made the discovery that by flying people it opens up certain parts of the body allowing for deeper access. All I gotta say is WOW and OW! Amazing.

Italia GBY...

Golden Buddha Yoga ITALY RETREAT June 2014....