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Wednesday, June 11, 2014


I decided to throw Sweden into the mix, because WHY NOT? Fredrik and I became great friends in Sri Lanka and he requested that I make a stop here for a visit before heading to Italy for my retreat. And so it is. I'm here for just about 5 days and thankfully (gratefully) Fredrik was able to take off 4 full days!!! He scooped me by the airport which is in Denmark and then we cruised the Swedish countryside back to his adorable, inviting apartment in Varsberg. We spent the afternoon shuffling around town, had a dip in the very cold Nordic waters and then took a nap in the valley as we warmed up with the sun. When we got back, my generous host ran me a bath and then dipped out to buy groceries as I soaked and started to come back to life (lots of jet leg and very little sleep). He then proceeded to cook me a delicious dinner, I made us cocktails, and then we walked down towards the beach to watch the sunset-- and it was already half past 9!!!! The sun officially set at 10:10pm, and we walked the streets for another hour, with the lasting light of the sun still guiding our way. Thank you to the Universe for always connecting me to the right people, who help support me on this journey on the right path.

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