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Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Some relationships are effortless. My friendship with Bridget is just that....fulfilling, simple, deep and effortless. Despite a busy busy day, I was able to steal away some time to visit with my girl, her adorable baby Isla Sol, her hubby John, and their super-rad dog, Barley. We put a little bindi on our cherub Buddha baby, and she proved that she quite likes inversions by insisting that Bridget hold her upside down. Ha! Love. Effortless love.

The quote of the day was, "Having children is like living in the move Final Destination...everything is trying to kill them!"--bridget tracy. Bridget is an effortless mom, and takes everything smoothly and calmly, but I was a bit on edge with this delicate little being...definitely will be waiting a few more years before I have kids! 

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