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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

MK and The Gentlemen.

This past Monday, August 24th, Sven & I were lined up to perform @ the SEA Paddle Around Manhattan at the Liberty House in Jersey City. The SEA {Surfer's Environmental Alliance} sponsors this 28 mile paddle around Manhattan to raise money for Autism. There were over 100 participants this year, including Joel Tudor and Darrick Doerner {for any non-surfers...those two are a big deal in the surf world}.

SEA's mission statement:
Surfer's Environmental Alliance is committed to the preservation and protection of the environmental and cultural elements that are inherent to the sport of surfing. Our goals are achieved through grassroots activism, community involvement, education and humanitarian efforts. We engage in projects that strive to conserve the quality of our marine environment, preserve or enhance surf breaks, protect beach access rights, and safeguard the coastal surf zone from unnecessary development.

It all came about over a month ago when local surfer, and badass paddleboarder, Tom Forkin contacted me. He was helping out with the SEA Paddle, and asked if Sven and I could perform at the afterparty. The paddlers would be exhausted, hungry, and ready to relax to some mellow tunes. I was more than happy to oblige, and a month later Sven and I were on the parkway headed fuckus packed and ready to play. We were told that we were to perform @ 3pm. We arrived a little late, and walked into an empty room. I wondered if we missed it? The only other people there was a bartender- Juno, and a bunch of hungover, somewhat straggley looking guys with hats, tattoos, and sunglasses. They later became known as MK & The Gentlmen...a truly wonderful group of gentlemen {yes, it's true!} who collectively put out one of the freshest sounds that I have heard in a long time. Turns out the paddlers got a late start, and there was a bit of a current therefore everything was postponed a bit. SO, we had some quality time to get to know the Gentlemen as we soundchecked and waited for the paddlers to arrive. These guys put out some funky fresh jams -- I just had to share em with you...

To begin, the head honcho is Mick Kelleher. The Gentlemen include Joe Baugh/Benny Ben on Lead Guitar, Juan Casas on Bass, Robbie Coleman on Drums & Percussion, and August Poehls on Saxaphone {that's right, saxaphone! sigh...i love it}. They've shared the stage with the White Buffalo, Ray Barbee, Todd Hannigan, and more. They are based out of Venice Beach in LA, but Mick holds a sweet spot in his heart for NYC. Most of his songs are about girls, NYC and...girls. Ha...musicians, we are all suckers for singing about the opposite sex. Moral of the story: MK & The Gentlemen are gonna be BIG...and when their music is blaring out of every radio in the country, don't you want to be able to tell your friends that you knew these guys before they got big? I know that I'll be saying "I told you so".....

Juan & Me.

Sven, Mick, & Me.

August and Joe...or Benny? I forget! But his hips move like a latina ladies!

Robbie. Drummer extradionaire.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sharon Stabley Surf Shots.

Bill produced.

Stabley documented.



Friday, August 21, 2009


Dear Bill,

You have been building us up for some time now. Hours have been spent, obsessing and analyzing your every move. All the preparations have been made, and now in the final hours - it's all up to you. People's happiness depends on you. Please, don't let us down. I'm not trying to put all of this on your shoulders, I know that Wind & Tide take some responsibility as well - but, we'd appreciate if you did the best you can.


Cailin Callahan

Yes - I've written a letter to a Hurricane. Yes - it's 630am, and I'm not quite awake. But, I know that Bill has stirred up some emotions in our tiny apartment, and tiny town - so I just wanted to put this letter out into the universe.

Last night at the Coffee Comedy show (thanks to all of those who came out!) Sven freestyled a fantastic "surf taco" song, dedicated to Bill. It was hysterical and totally on point.

sven and i. the best team.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Band O' da Week.

Photo: Sharon Stabley

After some serious miscommunication, phone tag, and multiple emails exchanged - I'm Band of the Week in the Press of Atlantic City. Some of the information is a smidge off {not wierdness, randomness - for example}...but all in all it's a nice piece! Kudo's to Sharon Stabley who introduced me to Vincent Jackson, who hooked me up with Rebecca Grites, who made this Band of the Week. I wish that Becca and I could have gotten a phone interview in, but chaotic summer schedules allow for limited conversation time. The Moral of the Story: Sven and I are going to be playing tonight @ Coffee.Comedy! Woohooo. Doors open @ 730pm, it's $6 @ the door, and it's {hooray!} BYOB!! Hope to see you all there!!!

Some girls have got it all. Cailin (pronounced KAY-LEAN) Callahan, is a young, southern New Jersey girl who knows her way around a surfboard, and more importantly, her way around a guitar.

The solo artist, who has been compared to Tracy Chapman and Natalie Merchant, performs Thursday, Aug. 20, at Coffee. Dot. Comedy, in her hometown of Sea Isle City. The show begins at 7 p.m.

"I picked up a guitar when I left high school to go to home schooling, and I've always played multiple instruments," Callahan says. "Something really clicked with me with the guitar, though, and within six months I was writing my own songs. It's all been pretty organic since then."

Callahan, who has braved the stages of southern New Jersey and beyond, remembers her first show, which wasn't in the comfort of her own hometown.

"The first place I ever performed was called Soul Session in Linden, NJ," she says. "All the other performers did spoken word and hip-hop, while I was in my hippie dress with my guitar, singing the one and only song I'd ever written. But that's one thing that I love about New Jersey -- all its weirdness."

Weird or not, New Jersey loves Callahan's music, too. She's been performing in the area steadily throughout the summer.

Callahan separates her cover tunes and her original music, depending on where she is playing.

"I have shows, and then I have gigs," Callahan reveals. "Gigs are at bars, and I play covers there, though I also sneak a couple originals in. I cover everything from Peggy Lee, Phil Phillips and Louis Armstrong to Social Distortion, Jewel and Tom Petty. My shows are when an audience comes just to see me, just to listen. That's when I'll play songs off my latest record, 'Next Time.'"

What can you expect from her live show? Callahan never plays the same show twice, so come with no expectations at all.

"The songs are played a bit different every time," she says. "Sometimes, I have added musicians with me, and sometimes I don't. I never rehearse with Sven or Christian (her friends who will sometimes back her, instrumentally); we just fly by the seat of our pants. I write a ton of music -- some that I play once, and some songs that really stick.

"I'm always trying out new tunes on an audience, even if the songs are only a few hours old."

However old the songs may be, it'll be worth your while to see Callahan live, Thursday evening, at Coffee.Dot.Comedy, located at 29 JFK Blvd. in Sea Isle City. Call 609-263-JAVA.

Who Is She: A local girl with tremendous musical talent. Callahan is a bit folky, a bit low-key Indie-rock, but definitely all her own. Callahan usually plays solo, but sometimes recruits her friends, Sven Peltonen, a percussionist, and Christian Mahr, a guitarist, to accompany her at shows.

Musical Influences: "That changes monthly," Callahan says. "I am definitely inspired by Iron and Wine, as they stay true to their music, but put something totally fresh and new into every record."

Originals: Callahan's latest record, "Next Time," was released in March.

"I'm really proud of the records," she says. "Especially because I had never planned on making anything of music. I had only starting playing and writing original music two years before the release."

Callahan says she hopes to get into the studio this October with Peltonen and Mahr to record another album.

Web sites:;;

"I keep a blog; I'm actually obsessed with keeping my blog," Callahan says. "It began as a surf blog, then turned into a travel blog, and has also become a food and music blog."

Go See Her: 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 20, at Coffee.Dot.Comedy in Sea Isle City. The show costs $7. Catch her there again next Thursday, August 27. Same time, same cost. Also look for Callahan on September 3 when she performs at Busch's, located at 8700 Landis Ave. in Sea Isle City. That performance is free and begins at 9:30 p.m. Call Busch's at 609-263-8626.

--Story By Rebecca Grites;

Monday, August 17, 2009

Leo the Lion.

the lion

I know several people with Leo of them being one of my favorite people in the world - my Dad! Despite working, I have found time to celebrate two Leo birthdays, that of my Dad {53 years old!} and also our good friend Iggy's 40th Birthday! Here's a bit about those born under the 5th astrological sign of the Zodiac....


Leo is a masculine, positive sign.

Leo is ruled by the Sun.

A fire sign, and one of four fixed signs.

The ruler of Leo is the Sun. The glyph is generally thought to represent the tail of the lion. It can also symbolize the heat or the creative energy of the Sun. On entering the sign Leo, the Sun is said to exemplify cosmic splendor. The meaning attached to this seems to be that both the good and bad characteristics associated with Leo are perpetual.

Through the ages, Leo has signified the coming of thebest growing season and thus reflects the abundant generosity of life. In this aspect Leo is seen as the ordained provider.

Personal Traits
The Leo is a dominant, spontaneous, creative and extroverted character. They possess grace, dignity and an expansive personality. The lion is king of the animal kingdom, and an appropriate symbol for Leo who tends to dominate his environment. Ambitious, courageous, strong willed, positive, independent, self-confident are all words that describe the Leo traits.

Leos were born to lead and are most effective when in a position of command. Leos are straightforward and uncomplicated individuals who know what they want and pursue it with enthusiasm and a creative spirit.

They are not easily daunted, and will persist through the most formidable of circumstances.They tend to be stubborn, and will hold onto a belief, or stick to a course of action through thick or thin.

Positive Traits

Leos possess a strong positive nature and don't shrink from any adverse circumstances. Leos like to live on a grand scale. First class is the only way to go and luxury is comfort. In personal relationships, Leo is open, sincere, genuine, trusting and generous.

They are direct and to the point and lead with their emotions. Leos are proud people, with an idealistic and humane nature. They are basically outgoing, happy, kind and generous. Self expressive, intelligent and broad minded, they are philosophically inclined.

Main positive traits: Dignity, will-power, generosity, loyalty, confidence, ambitious.

Negative Traits

Although outgoing, spontaneous, warm- hearted and straight forward, a tragic flaw in Leo is gullibility. They are too trusting and generous to people they like and love. They are not good judges of character and are inclined to treat those close to them as if they were perfect beings incapable of wrongdoing. Because no one can possibly live up to this kind of expectation, Leos are often disappointed.

They do recover quickly however, and may have numerous love affairs. Their love of pleasure and beauty, and their expectation of perfection drives them from one attractive partner to another.Quick tempered, blunt and nasty when they have been affronted, they are deeply hurt by malice or hostility. Leos can be too sensitive to personal criticism, and when their dominance is threatened they can go into a sudden rage.

Main negative traits: Conceited, arrogant, laziness.

Because of their positive nature, they tend to expect the best, and when things don't turn out as they had expected, they react immediately and badly. Although, they may suffer from short bouts of depression when life doesn't meet their expectations, they bounce back quickly and move on with their normal cheerful and demonstrative nature. Leos walks forward always, head held proudly and face turned towards the sun.

Here are some photos from Dad's Birthday Dinner @ BRACA Cafe in Sea Isle City. This is one of our favorite restaurants. I had the Grilled Shrimp with Sweet Potato Gnocchi. It was served a sweet brown sugar butter along with sundried tomatoes and sauteed prosciutto. Dad had steak with crabmeat on top {surprise surprise} that was served with a vegetable medley, mashed potatoes, and topped with fried leeks. Mom had Tuna Pescatore and Shawnie had their fabulous Cioppino served over linguini, and a bit spicy {fra diavlo}. Kim Gibson, the owner, sent out a ton of appetizers - steamed clams, portobello mushroom ravioli's, and their wonderful bruschetta {foccacia bread is baked with gorgonzola cheese, and then topped with diced tomatoes, kalmata olives, and red onions that have been tossed in a balsamic vinagrette}. So delicious.

Here are some photos from Iggy's 40th Birthday bash at the Beach {sumner ave, strathmere nj}. Iggy is a chef, so he brought down some gourmet hoagies, dungenous crabs that were steamed in some fabulous spicy seasonings and 2 pounds of butter, fruit salad that was soaked in blackberry brandy, horseradish cheese and TWO birthday cakes. There was a ton of beer and champagne to boot - oh boy, was there champagne.

Bday Boy...cutting into cake #1 {yes, there was TWO}.

The Spread.

The Birthday Boy...doing what he does best.

MmMm Dungenous Crabs and Champagne!

The Sassy Sumner Ave Ladies {with Champagne}!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do....

I think that it's time for Coffee & I to take a break. I know, I know --I never thought that this would be so, but Tea and I have been hitting it off rather well lately, just got me thinking. Maybe I need some time off from Coffee.

Now before everyone starts having a nervous breakdown, because the one sure-tried & true relationship they know is falling apart - DON'T be alarmed. This is just a temporary split. A separation. I think that our distance should help me to build a better and stronger bond with coffee in the end. Lately, I've just not been satisfied with any of it - whether it's iced, americano, espresso or solo cafe con leche. I will say though, that if it presents itself in the Vietnamese form {strong strong strong and served with sweet sweet sweetened condensed milk} that I would be willing to sway from said stance. I don't know how long this break will last -- I'm guessing as long, or as short, as it needs to be. I'm sure that I will still have a cup here and there, but for now, the majority of my mornings will be filled with English Breakfast or Green w/ honey and lemon. What I'm trying to say, is if you stop by my house - there probably won't be a pot perculating, or a bialetti brewing.

Damn, all this talk about coffee makes me kinda sad. Maybe I'll have one cup. Just one. For ol' times sake....

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Winnie Woman: Part II

Traveling is not just seeing the new; it's also leaving behind.
Not just opening doors; also closing them behind you, never to return.
There is a third dimension to traveling, the longing for what is beyond.
--Jan Myrdal

I've been hard at work, researching my plan to live in a Winnnebago. I'm learning lingo, laws and lessons about living on the road. "Boondocking" is what hard-core RVer's call parking somewhere for free. I want to be a Boondocker!!! This week I rented the 80's Albert Brooks flick "Lost In America" where a couple cashes in everything that I own to tour America in a huge motor home. It's entertaining, though when I execute my plan, it will be much more thought out - and I don't think that I will loose all my money in Vegas {like the wife does in the movie}. What can I say, I've never been much of a gambler. While watching this movie, the man makes constant references to Easy Rider, and that being his inspiration. SO, yesterday when I was returning Lost In America, I picked it up -- research, ya know.

I've been working hard at getting all the details for becoming a Winnebago Woman, and here are some sites that have been helpful....or at the least, entertaining:

"I believe the Winnebago has set me free. It has made me swim and eat pancakes with strangers and turn down obscure roads with no worry about where I have to be and when." Ann Patchett


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Anthony Bourdain.

Yesterday I was at my parents house, cooling off and watching TV - two things that CANNOT be done in my apartment. I tuned into the travel channel, and lucky for me - Anthony Bourdain's "No Reservations" was on. I gotta admit, I think that I have a mini-crush on Mr. Bourdain - afterall, he shares the same passion, the main reason that I get up in the morning - FOOD. I sat in front of the fan and watched a few shows, one where he travels through Urguay, another through Saudi Arabia. I love traveling for so many reasons, but the main reason that I want to go places is to EAT. India, Rome, Spain - it's all for the food. Bourdain, my fellow-food-loving-potty-mouth, has a mantra - which I hold near and dear to my heart:

I write.
I travel.
I'm hungry for more.

I hear ya Tony, I hear ya.

For a bit more about my favorite guy, check this out:

Sunday, August 9, 2009

White Distilled Vinegar.

WHAT DO......
  • dirty floors
  • ear infections
  • salads
  • easter eggs
  • jelly-fish-stings
  • grimy hair, and
  • cuts

Yep, that's right.

Apple Cider Vinegar {Dr.Bragg's Organic Raw Unfiltered, of course!} is my go-to for most things. I use it to sass up a salad dressing, I add it to my ice water, and add a capful to a cup of hot green tea with honey. It helps to curb the appetite, clear up the skin, promote healthy digestion, so on and so forth. There are a few things though that I call in ACV's cousin, WDV {white distilled vinegar} for.

To begin, White Distilled Vinegar is made from sun-ripened grain and crystal clear water. It's cheap and eco-friendly - bada bing, bada bang - I love it. For $5 you walk away with a gallon of the good stuff, enough for every ailment and cleaning task at hand!

I used WDV for two things today. Cleaning my hair, and getting rid of this damn ear infection. Being a surfer, constantly in the water, I am plagued with ear infections. These ear infections occur rather frequently while I'm in Costa Rica, and this past year Shawn introduced {or should I say REintroduced me} to WDV. Pour about two capfuls into your ear while laying on one side. Let it sit in there for about 3 minutes, more time if you have it. I'm telling you, in a few days - usually 3 - the ear infection is gone. It works better than any prescription or over-the-counter drug I've used for ear infections, and it sure as hell is cheaper.

This evening when I got home from work, my hair was ultra scuzzy. Sweating like crazy, using crappy shampoo and saturating my hair in conditioner, spending extra time in salt water, and swimming in my parents pool has left a layer of gunk on my hair that just won't wash off. When I was a kid my blonde hair used to turn green from the chlorine - YES, green - and Whitney Hendee turned me onto WDV. All of those "pool" shampoos are too expensive, and they never work anyways. Sure enough, after soaking in the tub with WDV in my hair, the green was gone!! Voila! So now, about every month, I soak my hair with a cup or two of vinegar and let it work it's magic.

For more information about the wonders of White Distilled Vinegar, check out the following:

1001 Uses For White Distilled Vinegar:
Categories are Laundry, Garden, Cleaning, Health, Automotive, Pets, Cleaning.
*This site is super cool. They have some great recommendations that I've never thought of or heard of, and they reiterated some of the uses that I recommend. Check it out.

Earth Clinic : White Vinegar Cures:
Testimonials and Suggestions
*Earth Clinic is one of my FAVORITE sites, so no wonder that they have an abundance of information about this.

Julie & Julia

The One and Only : JULIA CHILD

I went to see Julie & Julia the other day...and I gotta say, just about hands down the best movie I've seen in a long, long, long time. For those of you who haven't heard of this movie {and surprisingly there are quite a few}, Julie & Julia is a {true} story of Julia Child - and a young woman, Julia, who begins a blog about cooking through Childs' "Mastering The Art of French Cooking". Meryl Streep plays Child, and she is outstanding - Julia Child through and through. Amy Adams plays Julie, the young New Yorker who's life is given new meaning once beginning to cook and blog through Childs' famous tried-and-true cookbook. The story is based on two bestselling novels: Julie Powell's "Julie & Julia" and Childs' "My Life In France". You can watch the trailer for the movie here: And you can read Julie Powell's blog {yes, she's still blogging} here:

This movie was an absolute MUST SEE for any and all foodies out there -- and for those who DON'T live and breathe food {like myself}, this movie will give you a newfound respect for something I hold so close to my heart.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Winnebago Woman.

Driving home from the Thrift Store today, I was struck with my latest and greatest idea...a WINNEBAGO. It's the perfect plan. A home on wheels. Mobile Home. BAH. I love it. You know me, I love research - so as soon as I got back to the house I ran over to the computer and started to search for Winnebagos, and all of the information concerning them. Just think about: cruising around Cali, parking at Malibu and surfing all morning -- then just steps from home and a hot cup of coffee!

Well, little did I know that there are thousands upon thousands upon thousands of Winnie's out there, and you can actually get one {that runs!} for a decent prize! My palms started to dream isn't that far off afterall! On craigslist I found one that seems pretty cool - but it's the description that I love best. Here it is {note the poor spelling/grammar and their email address}:

1984 Winnebago Motor Home

" this has around 60000 miles on it the motor is a 454.......has to beds one bathroom w/ shower.....has kitchen w/ sink n cabients...has a yalling and has a kitchen table and lots of storeage room.......we used to take this to the race tracks n use it for towing our racecar....we decided to sell this because we dont use it alot and firgured maybe someone else out there well used can email me at or call the cell 609-330-7975.........i'm gonna have more a better picuters as soon as i can get th keys to it "

Also while doing my research, I stumbled upon The Winnebago Experience: Bringing Back the Hobo. It's a documentary of two guys on their journey to find, purchase and execute living in a Winnebago! Ah, kindred spirits! With the money that they have saved, they have self-financed numerous short-films, music videos {COLD WAR KIDS! love them.}, and documentaries -- including this one about life as a hobo. You can check out their journey here:

I think that it is time to take my Gypsy Wagon {aka Ford Focus} to the next level...

I want a Winnie!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Galapagos Islands aboard the SULIDAE.

;} catch(e) {}" href="">


So, despite working like a mad-dog, I have been able to keep my eye on the prize. I spend a tad of the free time I have reading about Ecuador and the Galapagos, and have been trying to plan Pat's and my trip to the dreamy islands {this is ONE place where planning ahead of time is very important}. I have found several excursions on land that were around the 1,000$ range, but came across this boat, Sulidae, from Safari Tours that was only $1350 for 8 days {which is ridiculously cheap compared to other yachts...ridiculously cheap.} I did some research, read some testimonials, and I think that this is the boat for Pat and I. Here is a bit about the vessel itself:

The Sulidae is a ketch, gaff-rigged motor sailer. It is 63 feet in length, with a beam length of 16feet. Speed is 8 knots, Capacity 12 passengers, with 6 double cabins- each with private bath, hot shower and airconditioning. 4 crew + 1 guide.

"Ever dreamed of being a pirate? Or sailing with Jason and the Argonauts? The romance of an ancient sailing vessel --without the storms and dangers, scurvy and backbreaking work-- can be yours, sailing the Galapagos Islands aboard the venerable Sulidae. This wooden-hulled, gaff-rigged ketch began her maritime career in 1901 as a fishing vessel built in Denmark. Looking more like a buccaneer's ship of booty than a modern day touring yacht, the Sulidae is quickly noted in the Galapagos Islands. That she was built by craftsmen is evident in the fact that she is still sailing, sound as the day she was launched. She has been lovingly restored and modernized to include motor power and modern safety features. But she still looks like she should be flying the Jolly Roger and commanded by Captain Hook!

From its varnished wooden interior to its dyed canvas sails to its silvery galleon goblets, this ship takes you to the Galapagos Islands time forgot. Modern zodiacs take you with your multilingual naturalist guide to the islands, as the crew prepares your meals for dining in the Sande Veile galley, ensuring you get the Galapagos Islands holiday cruise of your life-time. The Sulidae sails through the Galapagos Islands with romance and ease. All in all, it has to be said that the Sulidae is a very special ship, for special people. She generates an uncommon comraderie, and she has her fans who return for second and third voyages. But she is not for everyone; if you require too many luxuries, the Sulidae is not for you.