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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mermaid Mug

I love beverages. Hot, cold, creamy, caffeinated, decaffeinated, alcoholic, sweet, sour, effervescent, floral, get the jist right? Being on this candida cleanse is tough because it has eliminated most of my favorite beverages. I can still have herbal tea, kombucha, and club soda though - thank god - but to keep it interesting I try to sip out of a sassy mug or fancy glass to keep it fun and special. I'm stoked on this mug that I used today at Eileen's after beach yoga. It totally elevated my Bija Organic Peppermint Tea. Boom. Make *everything* sacred and beautiful...even your morning cup of tea.

Fresh Fish Perfection.

I have FINALLY learned how to cook fish like my Dad. He not only was a Captain (he had a hundred mile hundred ton captains license), but he was also a Cook! My mom and I have tried to replicate how he had cooked fish for many years....without success. This is shocking actually because both my mom and I are kickass in the kitchen. Whenever my dad would cook the fish in a skillet, I'd be yelling at him that he's burning it (he would walk away and putz outside or watch tv), but he always told me to leave it alone, don't touch it, and it always turned out perfect. So last night, I practiced "patience"... I left it alone and didn't touch it. And goddamn, it was perfect and delicious!

  • Flounder Filets
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Cayenne
  • Red pepper flakes
  • Garlic powder
  • Lemon
  • Coconut Oil Spray

Spray the skillet and turn it to a med/med high heat. Rinse your fish and *pat it dry*. Sprinkle with seasonings. Place the fish seasoned side down into the pan. Season the bare side that's facing up. Walk away. For like atleast 5 minutes. Walk outside or into the other room so that you aren't tempted to fuss with it. Then come back and the fish is ready to flip...and it won't fall apart. Again- walk away. Voila. Finish it off with some lemon juice and chopped flat leaf parsley. BĂȘte Avon.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Spirit Animal

Me and my spirit animal. Transformation.
Rising from the Ashes.
Spiritual Abundance.

Curing Candida.

Curing candida. It's not going to be easy, but as far as I am concerned - there is no other option. I am particularly inspired after reading Paul Pitchfords "Healing with Whole Foods" (a HUGE thank you to Erika Sal for sharing this book with me...and a huge thanks to everyone out there who has offered up love, support, supplements and information with me as well!). Pitchford writes...

"Candidiasis is the overgrowth of Candida yeast-like fungi in the body. Candida exists in high levels in individuals with weak immune systems, although it is normal to have some candida present. A healthy digestive system has ample Lactobacillus acidophilus and other intestinal microorganisms which are indispensable to proper nutrient absorption. Candida has an opposite effect in the digestive tract, inhibiting proper assimilation of essential amino acids and other nutrients. What follows in cadidiasis is the weakening of immunity as well as the entire organism.

The yeast does not always confine itself to the digestive tract. It slips through weakened areas in the gut lining, or can be spread from the body into the sexual organs (especially in women), and from those areas into the blood and other body tissues. Such migrations of candida through the entire system, usually termed "systematic candidiasis", is life-threatening if untreated, and is though by some to be the cause of death in Aids and various other viral-related degenerative illnesses. Candidiasis is the root cause of all major diseases. 

Serious yeast infestations tax the immune system to the point where it cannot respond to invading viruses or other harmful substances. Immunity ultimately breaks down, which opens the way for autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and lupus, as well as diseases of immune devastation including AIDS and cancer."

 My Dad was one of ten. He died of a brain tumor, he has two sisters suffering from MS, one sister with breast cancer, one sister with Chrons, another with fibromyalgia....and the list goes on. Now a days we hear more and more about people having cancer...and I believe this is because sugar is in absolutely EVERYTHING that we eat. Even if we are just eating carbs, those carbohydrates break down into sugar. Many people are curing themselves by going on a plant based diet -- and being on a plant based diet is a diet similar to the candida cleanse, one which strips any and all foods that would feed yeast. It all makes too much sense to me to NOT continue on this path for the next two years - and then ultimately maintain this major lifestyle change as far as my eating and drinking habits. The most common response that I have gotten from people when they hear about my diet is...

"I give you a week before you're over it..."
"You'll never be able to do it!"
"Isn't there just a pill you can take or something?"

Now, maybe it's my liver cleanse speaking (I was told that doing a liver cleanse can make one a bit angry and irritable) but I would really love to kick you assholes in the shin when you respond with those statements. I'm not crazy! Yes it's one of the hardest things I've ever done! No, it's not convenient! No it's not cheap! Yes, it is stressful and exhausting! But what is the alternative? To live in deteroriating health as I age? Or to have a life cut short? Absolutely not. I love my life WAY to much to have any days that are less than perfect or anything but full. So, if you were one of those people who made one of those statements, you're forgiven. But a little bit of support would be much appreciated. It's not easy giving up all of your favorite things simultaneously - and not only that, but I've also been quite ill as the candida dies-off. I have gotten horrible rashes, insane headaches, horrible fatigue all over my body, and the most recent is breaking out into cold clammy sweats. But it's worth it, I'M worth it, and I thank you for your support on this journey ahead. And look at it on the bright cooking has been and will continue to be getting more and more creative as I look for ways to keep this healthy cleanse interesting...the recipes all of which I will share. To the many people who have been reaching out to me since my first blog post about it, stay strong and stay tuned. I'll be updating with lots of recipes and insights as I go to help you along as well.

It Begins!

The teacher training has begun! Arianne and I have been working our (super amazing yogini) asses off! For months! And now, the time is here! Last night was the kick-off to our six week teacher training certification program. We did a beautiful opening ceremony that involved food, chanting, puja, laughter and tears. I am SO excited for everyone in the training...myself included! It is going to be an amazing, challenging, beautiful, inspirational and transformational summer. Yahooooo!

All the trainees received a notebook and a flower...along with some blessed rosewood mala's from India!
The Altar.
Saging the sacred space...
This was only appetizers...later there was dinner! I was cooking all day long, but I wanted to start off the training by feeding the trainees...afterall, food is how I express my love!
Me + Arianne....Yin + Yang.....The Perfect Combination.
Don't worry if you couldn't be a part of our summer Yoga Teacher Training Certification (which is not only amazing and fun and jam-packed full of information, but it's also Yoga Alliance certified!), because we will be doing another one in the FALL! Set the intention now....


Slightly delirious as I prepared nearly two dozen dishes for twenty people....but a nice cuppa tea out of this epic mug gave me the inspiration to push through. Boom.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


It's the little things...

It's the little things that make me miss him the most...

Yesterday my iPhone left this world. Well, the back of it shattered into a thousand itty bitty pieces and now the screen keeps freezing. I do absolutely everything on my phone and use it for all of my businesses, so I went straight up to Apple to replace it. I have iCloud, so transferring photos and such shouldn't be a problem. But my new iPhone is bigger than the old one- so it won't fit in my camo case. My friend Ro had bought this case for my Dad, the king of "Kill Em and Eat Em". Then, she realized that he didn't have an iPhone- so she gave it to me. My Dad would always joke about me using "his" case...literally, every time he saw it- which was every day- he'd make a comment and laugh and laugh. And now, every day when I look at the case I think of him, hearing him tease me about stealing his case. Then there is the home screen of my phone. Which is a picture of my Mom and Dad. It's not like I can't put this same photo as my homescreen on my new phone, but you's just the process of doing it again. I know this seems such a small thing, and maybe my Dad even had a hand in it so id stop getting all emotional about him because of a damn cell phone. But I cried a bit on the way home from Apple, knowing that each day puts more and more time and distance between us. I don't want to let him go, but I don't want to hold on so tightly to him either. Navigating the balance with all of these emotions has been tricky, and in the end- it's usually the small things that set me off in the biggest way. Today I think I'm going to have a full Paul Callahan his favorite movie, eat his favorite foods (minus the ice cream...damn candida!), and rock out to his favorite songs. I just want to hold him today...but not too tight...

Monday, June 24, 2013

Intentions and Energy in Motion

Me and My Intention
Life is moving at a rapid pace, and I feel like I'm just barely keeping up. Things are happening, the ball is rolling, energy in motion...and I'm still trying to figure out what it is that *I* actually *want*. Sometimes we get so far into something that we don't realize how or when it ever began, or if its what we want or need. Awareness and deep understanding come from stillness, silence, and surrender. I've been moving so fast that the past few weeks just seem to be a blur. Breathe In, Breathe Out, Slow Down. Get a clear mind and set a clear intention. Lucky for me, the Lululemon booth at Wanderlust had a kickass "intention setting" table for those of us who wanted to put the pen to paper and own up to our intentions. I still have NO idea what I want, but the more that I settle into this stillness, the more clarity that I get.... What's YOUR intention for this year ahead?

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Living with Eyes Shut.

Everyone is always telling us to live with our eyes wide open, but l think first we need to start living with our eyes shut. This came to me on my last day, in my last class, at Wanderlust. The class was called "5 Rhythms" and was led by Douglas Dammond, who is a huge New Zealander and looks like The Rock. I never would have guessed that someone who looked like him would lead a crazy, free-movement-flowing dance party- which just reassures the Truth that you cannot judge a book by its cover. This class,"5 Rhythms", is a moving mediation which was created by a woman Gabrielle Roth back in the 70's and the idea behind it is that everything is energy, which moves in waves, patterns and rhythms. The 5 Rhythms are:

1. Flowing
2. Staccato 
3. Chaos
4. Lyrical
5. Stillness

When you dance these together, they form a wave. "Roth describes the practice as a soul journey, and says that by moving the body, releasing the heart, and freeing the mind, one can connect to the essence of the soul, the source of inspiration in which an individual has unlimited possibility and potential."

I should rewind a bit. My first class this morning was Kundalini with Kia Miller. It was powerful and challenging and started my inward turning. I left her class totally tuned in, which carried over into the moving meditation. I decided to dance my way through the class with my eyes closed (most of the time) so that I wasn't influenced by anyone around me. We danced through the class with our ears open to the music which was helping to guide our inner rhythm, but our mouths were closed. If you bumped into someone you simply smiled at them. Now, I always let my Freak Flag fly- but in today's class, I flew it the highest it's ever been, and I flew it proud. The dance was controlling me, movement coming from deep within, flowing and moving through and out of my body. At one point in time we created a circle and a dozen or so people would enter at a time- and the circle was holding space for everyone's inner joy, demons, sadness, and excitement to express itself in any way, shape or form it pleased. I danced so hard, so hard, so hard, and as LCD Soundsystem sang, I "danced myself clean" (and into a puddle of sweat).

Towards the end of class I opened my eyes and danced the last few songs taking everyone in, and I saw people in a whole new way - a totally different perspective than I had when I walked into the room. Everyone was beautiful, and everyone's dance embodied that beauty. Judgement: it's a really ugly thing. We judge people by the way they look, the things the do, the things they say, and even by the things that they *dont* say. We judge people if they dance too weird, or provocatively or silly. And the crazy thing is that when we are judging others it's really just a reflection of our own ego and insecurities. We are judging because people don't fit into a box or criteria that we've assumed for them, and this is the same box and criteria that we try to fit ourselves into. If you move through life with eyes closed then you can tune into who YOU are, your subtle vibrations, your essence and inner sense. And from that space you are fully able to embrace your authentic self. When you are content in your being, free from expectations and limitations, then you can really *see* and *appreciate* those around you for who THEY really are. We are all divine let you freak flag, dance and dance HARD, live with your eyes closed- so that when you open your eyes you can truly see the beauty and divine all around. 


Who is MC Yogi? He's a man with a message. Nicholas Giacomini is a reformed-bad-boy, yoga-teaching-sweet-talking-hip-hopping spiritual warrior who preaches giving love and living in love. His classes are a nourishing flow that he teaches in his Adidas sneaks, while beat boxing lyrical messages from the Gita through the mic. He weaves the most beautiful and moving stories into your asana practice and no matter how tired your body or spirit may be, he has the power to inspire. It's not just inspiration to physically ask more of yourself, but to ask more of yourself from a spiritual and emotional level. Give Love. Be Love. Share Love...with others and with yourself. He is humble, and kind- and he gives a mean high five. He looks every person in the eye who approaches them, and always has a kind word and a smile. His songs aren't only something great to flow to, dance to, or groove to- but they are also a history lesson into the core of yoga and the beautiful Hindu religion. A Ghandi-devotee who loves his beautiful wifey and hip hop music...I'm sold. A beautiful soul with a beautiful message. So tune in, listen up and enjoy. 

DJ Drez and MC Yogi

GIVE LOVE ! Rachel and Me @ the MC Yogi Concert

The Man. 

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Wanderlust, Vermont

Drez, MC Yogi, and Budokan amazingness. 
ACRO YOGA....insane. 
KIND (granola bars) had this epic set up....
The Zen Den ladies and MC Yogi
Paddleboarders on the Lake @ Wanderlust

Caravan Palace.

Electro-Swing music that makes you want to dance dance dance dance and smile. Download....not now, Right now.

Full Power Lunch Hour.

Boom. Full power lunch. I made a simple salad that was sooooo delicious, probably the best salad I've ever made (and I make good salads). It's tasty, quick and easy to make, it'll fill you up and power you up- and it'll leave a smile on your face.

1. Clean and slice green kale (splurge on organic, it just tastes so much better)

2. Quarter 2 hard boiled eggs

3. Slice half an avocado

4. Sprinkle some raw pepita seeds on top

5. Drizzle with EVOO and lemon juice. Dust with salt, pepper and garlic powder.


MC Yogi and DJ Drez

riding the ski lift in the middle of summer
pedicures make ya feel good
MC YOGI and the Family.
Hanumanasana in MC Yogis flow...
In between Gabrielle Bernsteins talk and our next class, Jaime and I hopped on the ski lift and just did a lap...up to the top of the mountain and the ride back down. It was beautiful and sunny and a nice dose of some super fresh air. Then....drum roll please....MC YOGI AND DJ DREZ. I've never "liked" a DJ, or really KNOWN of a DJ to "like" for that matter. But I will follow DJ Drez wherever he goes. His beats, his mixing...everything--- it's intoxicating. And then the singer/yogi hiphopper MC Yogi and his smokin' sweet wifey Amanda led us through an awesome flow. It was so high energy and so much fun. We were jumping and shouting and dancing and crying and laughing. The music that Drez was spinning was coaxing the emotions out of you, and MC Yogi was threading together the most beautiful stories which was so moving. We took a family photo after class and you could really feel the love. Woke up this morning exhausted and grateful. Ready for day 3....

Friday, June 21, 2013

All Around Me.

Today my Dad was ALL around me. I could feel it when I woke up this morning, and it only got more pronounced as the day continued...

I went to Gabrielle Bernsteins speakeasy this afternoon. Gabby is a New York Times best selling author, a kickass Kundalini goddess and just an all around amazing person. Her lecture started off with some meditation to center us all and connect us, and it ended with some kundalini as well. But in between our final two kriyas and chanting Ong Namo Gurudev Namo, she had started blaring SHAKE IT OUT by Florence and the Machine through the speakers. Well for those of you who read the blog- you KNOW how much this song means to me and how connected it is to this past year and the passing of my Dad. Such a powerful song. So as several hundred of us were shaking out all of our negative energy, vigorously shaking, we then started to add in some screaming and shouting. Gabby didn't know it but Florence, Rebel Yelling, Shaking and crazy Kundalini are some of my favorite things--- and the combination helped me to remember, honor, and digest emotions concerning my favorite man. Needless to say I was bawwwwwling my eyes out, literally buckets of tears. One of Wanderlusts photographers snapped a photo of me in my moment of despair and grief, and (go figure) it was on Instagram shortly thereafter. At first I was embarrassed that this photo was out there for thousands to see-'s my truth. I am every bit as vulnerable and broken as that photo shows...but as Gabby said, these low lows are actually divine opportunities for spiritual growth. Such an amazing afternoon and amazing woman. 

All in all, Gabrielle is a goddess with a powerful message. Live well, Serve well. God bless. 

"Observe the wonders as they occur around you. Don't claim them. Feel the artistry moving through and be silent. Don't grieve. Anything you lose comes round in another form."

― Rumi

Bryna, Jaime and Me. 


Me and Gabby Bernstein

Yep, thats me...bawling my eyes out as I shake it out.

Traveling Girl.

My friend Xocitl and I met in India. We went white water rafting down the Ganges, studied Palmistry together, and shared many a meal. She is a goddess. Yesterday she shared this blog entry with me about 'loving a traveling woman', and it brought me to tears. Traveling is my passion, but I also attribute this passion to being single. Shawn had straight up said to me before we were over that he'd already seen Asia, and didn't want to travel, but wanted a family. I have been told by another that I'm not domesticated and he couldn't date me because he wasn't sure when I'd just up and leave. This blog really empowered by hurt ego when it comes to being single, so thanks to Aleah Taboclaon for sharing...

By Aleah Taboclaon
"Date a girl who travels. Date a girl who would rather save up for out of town trips or day trips than buy new shoes or clothes. She may not look like a fashion plate, but behind that tanned and freckled face from all the days out in the sun, lies a mind than can take you places and an open heart that will take your for what you are, not for what you can be
Date a girl who travels. You'll recognize her by the backpack she always carries. She won't be carrying a dainty handbad, where will she put her travel journal, her pens and the LED flashlight that's always attached to her bag's zipper? In a small purse, how can she bring the small coil of travel string, the wet tissues, the box of cracker, and the bottle of water she's always ready with, just in case something happens and she can't go home yet.
Yes, a girl who travels knows that anytime, anything can happen and she just has to be prepared with it. Nothing takes her by surprise, she takes everything with equanimity, knowing that such things are always a part of life. She's reliable and dependable, traits that she's learned while on the road.
You'll also recognize a girl who travels by the fact that she's always amazed at the world around her, no matter if she's in her hometown or in a place that's totally new. She sees beauty all around her, not just the ones featured in travel guides or shown in postcards. A girl who travels has developed a deeper appreciation for life. She won't judge you, or pressure you to do things you don't want to do. She knows too much about the importance of identity and self-efficacy, and she will appreciate all the more if you won't pretend to be who you're not.
sunrise at warwick Date A Girl Who TravelsYou can make mistakes with a girl who travels, and you can also be as idiosyncratic as you can be. Trust me, she has seen so much worse in her travels, and knows firsthand the vagaries of human nature.
Date a girl who travels, because when you're with her, you'll realize that even though she's napped at a temple in Angkor Wat, went boating down the Mekong Delta, ran by the streets of Saigon, or went skinny-dipping in the caves in the Philippines, she still retains that humility that is the mark of a real traveler. She knows she's been to a lot of places, but she's humbled by the fact that the world is still a big places and she's only seen a small part of it. Seeing this in her can make you feel all right with yourself too; there's no need for you to do more, to be more. What you are is enough.
When you meet a girl who travels, ask her where she's been and what she's going to do next. She will appreciate your interest, and if you're lucky, she may even invite you to join her. When she does, do. Nothing bonds people better than traveling. On your trip, you will both see each other's best and worst characteristics, and you can then decide whether she's worth fighting for.
It's easy enough to date a girl who travels. She won't want expensive gifts, you can buy her (or both of you) cheap ticket to Thailand for the weekend, and she'll be more than happy to take you to the longest wooden bridge in the country. You don't even have to go overseas, you can take her out on day trips, caving or hiking, or treat her to a full body massage.
You can also buy her the little things that she keeps forgetting to buy for herself; that carbine that will attach her backpack to her seat so that she will feel easier about sleeping on her bus trip, or a backpack cover, a small alarm clock, a money belt, or many another sarong that will replace the one she lost in China.
She won't mind if you get lost on your way to a date. She knows that often times, the journey is more important than the destination. She will help you see the lighter side of things. She'll walk along with you, not behind you, pointing out the interesting bits of things you'll see on the way. Before long, you'll realize that yes, the journey has been more memorable than the destination that you've planned to take her to.
Is a girl who travels worth it? Yes, she is. So when you find her, keep her. Don't lose her with your insecurities and doubts. Because when she says she loves you, she really does. After all, she's seen so many things, met so many people, and if she has chosen you, better grab that opportunity and thank the gods that you were lucky enough she's chosen you and not that bloke she met while watching the sunrise in Angkor Wat, or while whitewater rafting in the Padas Gorge in Sabah.
If she says she loves you, she must have seen something in you, something that can always call her back from her travels, something that can anchor her to the world in the way that she wants to after weeks and months of being on the road.
Date a girl who travels. Make her feel safe, warm and secure. Make her believe that no matter where she goes, and however long she's gone, you'll always be there for her, the one that she can call home.
Find a girl who travels. Date her, love her. and marry her, and your world will never be the same again."

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Beautiful Teachers, Beautiful Day

Bryna and Me @ Ana Forrests class. 
I love Vermont
Acro Amazingness. 
Me and My Dance Partner
My morning started with Ana Forrest, and my afternoon ended with Kia Miller. Really..need I say more?! Two of the most amazing teachers, in the most amazing location, in the same day. Boom. There was some freebies and sunshine in between, a green smoothie, some sunshine and hot tea. The night ended with an epic acro-yoga performance and a dance party dj'd by the fantastic DJ Drez. I'm laying in bed now and you couldn't wipe this smile off my face if you tried!