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Tuesday, June 4, 2013


sam, pre-sweat
sam and i, post sweat.
adena and i, full power, en route to ZUMBA
this is where the magic happens....
I love going to yoga, and I love CrossFit...and now I love Zumba! I know that it seemed like a bit much, but my Monday/Tuesday fitness-sweatfest-extravaganza was just what the doctor ordered. My CrossFit partner in crime Samantha joined me at the Zen Den on Monday night for (her first ever) SWEAT class. Well, holy shitballs! It was the sweatiest sweat class that I have ever been to. At one point I started laughing out loud because the heat was that unbearable. Sam looked at me once and said, "Seriously, I couldn't fucking sweat anymore if I tried". Afterwards I felt great though and I hugged all my yogis goodbye...dashing into my car and speeding off to meet Adena for our Zumba date. This Zumba class cannot be put into was one of the most unique experiences I've had round these parts. Armando was our teacher, a long haired, very flamboyant, sass-for-days late-20-something Hispanic man with liquid hips. The Zumba center was in the Cardiff circle in the eclectic crowd in there was entertaining in and of itself. The Spanish girls there certainly had the best moves and they compromised most of the first row (which is probably the funniest part of the story: all of the classes in the Zumba center are only $3, but Armando's classes are $5 and if you want to be in the front row in front of the mirror it's $7!). His classes get packed, and rightly so- his enthusiasm is contagious and he has got some wicked sweet dance moves. Now I have always prided myself on being an amazing dancer, but I've never really followed instructions to well (dance classes and salsa lessons were epic fails). So, needless to say, I struggled with the planned steps and moves, but I still managed to keep up and shake my booty! It was so liberating to sweat and sweat, then dance and dance and was just what the doctor ordered. The next morning, 5:30am crossfit....yeeeeew buddy!

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