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Friday, June 28, 2013

It Begins!

The teacher training has begun! Arianne and I have been working our (super amazing yogini) asses off! For months! And now, the time is here! Last night was the kick-off to our six week teacher training certification program. We did a beautiful opening ceremony that involved food, chanting, puja, laughter and tears. I am SO excited for everyone in the training...myself included! It is going to be an amazing, challenging, beautiful, inspirational and transformational summer. Yahooooo!

All the trainees received a notebook and a flower...along with some blessed rosewood mala's from India!
The Altar.
Saging the sacred space...
This was only appetizers...later there was dinner! I was cooking all day long, but I wanted to start off the training by feeding the trainees...afterall, food is how I express my love!
Me + Arianne....Yin + Yang.....The Perfect Combination.
Don't worry if you couldn't be a part of our summer Yoga Teacher Training Certification (which is not only amazing and fun and jam-packed full of information, but it's also Yoga Alliance certified!), because we will be doing another one in the FALL! Set the intention now....

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