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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Done with Deodorant.

I'm done with deodorant. And medicine. And face wash. And house cleaner. Why? Because Martha taught me so. 

Martha is an original. There's no other like her and she's not trying to copy anyone. 100% original. She was the first person that I ever met who had a "self practice" with yoga and did her "daily meditation"....DAILY. She is balanced and eloquent, and I respect all that she has to say- because all that she has to say is important and thoughtful. Anywho, I visited her today between teaching classes and taking classes, and she introduced me to ESSENTIAL OILS. I had basil on my forehead, wild orange in my water, a "balance" blend was blowing through the diffuser on the desk, and I had some other grounding mix behind my ears and dotted into my chest. Boom. Healing. Full power. She also gave me some GI tract supplements to support my cleanse and some really kick ass probiotics. Double boom. The brand is called Doterra, and I'm SOLD. As Martha put it, essential oils are addressing our body as a whole, whereas more often than not people aren't treating the root of our health issues. She said, It's like fixing a shingle on the roof when the foundation is severely cracked. It's like "what's the point?!". 

After we cracked out on essential oils, I asked to borrow their shower so I could clean up for my massage training. Of course it wasn't an ordinary shower- no, there was homemade face wash (baking soda, coconut oil and a few select essential oils) as well as some after shower facial oil. Better yet when I told Martha that I *cannot* find a deodorant to tame my stanky underarms (that's to this cleanse I'm detoxing and the toxins are leaving- but not 'politely'), she responded with "just smear some baking soda under there". Well, GODDAMN....4 hours of massage training and a yoga class later- absolutely no.smell.whatsoever. Amazing, cheap, and not going to give you breast cancer. Hooray! 

The highlight of the afternoon was when I asked for some tea and she responded, "Sure, I just made some Alkaline forming twig tea.."

Martha Martha Martha : thanks for healing me, yet again. 


face wash and oil

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