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Monday, June 3, 2013

No Meat Athlete Candida Cleanse

I have had issues with Candida yeast since I was young, and I have really suffered and struggled throughout the years because of it. As soon as I think that things are under control, there will be yet another flare up. I'm just tired of it. Tired of feeling like shit. I had experimented with a Candida diet years back, but my boyfriend at the time told me that I was a raving bitch when I didn't eat the food that I loved - so it was the diet or him! Haha poor guy, deprive me of booze, ice cream and bread and I'm sure I wasn't a happy camper. Anywho- I'm older, wiser, stronger, and particularly fed up with how I'm (physically) feeling- so I think it's time to try this again. Abiding by any type of dietary restrictions when you are abroad or traveling is near impossible so being home and settled is my chance to give this diet a second go. Oddly enough, the Candida diet closely resembles Paleo (which all my CrossFitters do), so I'm going to create my own hybrid feel-amazing-kick-ass-complete-lifestyle-change. To make this yet more complicated, add into the mix that I'm not crazy about eating meat (and Paleo is predominantly meat, as is the Candida diet) Matt Frazier writes on the No Meat Athlete blog a paragraph that really sums up how I feel about it:

"...But let's not forget that by the same argument, males are "built" to impregnate as many women as possible.  That's what would maximize the chances of having ones genes propagate, and probably still would today.

But most of us don't do that anymore, because as a species we're beyond that.  And that's how I feel about eating animals.  Even if it's what we're built to do because eating them helped us survive and thrive in the past, it's something most of us are now capable of making a choice not to do, thanks to our advancement as a civilization."

Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy to eat a piece of meat every now and again- but it's usually from an animal that my Dad had killed- not one purchased off the shelf, wrapped in cellophane, from the supermarket. On this new plan ill be eating mostly eggs, with the occasional bit of free range organic animal protein now and again. 

So, here I go. To be rid of joint pain, "lady" problems and general fatigue I am going to give my Quasi-Vegetarian/Paleo/Candida fusion a go! I have nothing to lose and everything to gain, and after reading Matt Fraziers article I am inspired that I can do Paleo without eating half a cow for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Eating with awareness. Boom. 

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