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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Beach Days of Summertime

Erika and Jen, our preggo-crossfit mamacitas!
My beautiful, powerful and amazing friends and CrossFit partners in crime. Danyl, Pammy, Erika, Jen, Me and PENNY!
Ty thought that my Ukulele was a kid-sized guitar....
This Guy. Chris Paisley. One of my best friends. Without his love and support I don't know where I'd be. So grateful to spend a day relaxing with the people that I love.
Paisleys #1 lady Erika, mama to be. Soaking up sun, laughing and chatting and reading palms. Life is good.
I have worked in a restaurant for years...and years and years. I haven't had off nights ever really, especially not Saturdays. My typical Saturday would consist of teaching a few yoga classes, getting an hour or two on the beach, and then having to jet home to clean up and head to work. I know, I know- I'm a local, so I can go to the beach *every day*, but for some reason, the "weekend" - Saturday - it's just the most important beach day of the week! So after teaching my second yoga class on Saturday I headed to Paisleys house, we packed up his jeep, and headed to Margate for a *proper*, *full*, *Saturday* BEACH DAY. I drank some cocktails and soaked up the sun because I COULD and didn't have anywhere to be! It was glorious. I especially enjoyed the crew at the beach-- all of my favorite CrossFit chicas and their families. Jen is pregnant with her third and we dug Erika a hole for her new baby belly so she could rest in the sand on her stomach. The night finished up with some dinner in Atlantic city with the crew and then early to bed. I am so grateful for the schedule that I have this summer - I love only doing what I love to do.

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