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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Friday Fun!

Two times to have fun with me this Friday!!!

Every FRIDAY at Willow Creek Winery....a soothing flow in the vineyard followed by a glass of sangria. I hope to see you!!

This FRIDAY August 1st at Yoga Dog in Linwood....HIP HOP YOGA!!! Booty pop, hip hop and holla your way to pure bliss!!!!! This will be my last HipHop workshop of the season (except for August 15th down in north wildwood atItswell Yoga). Please reserve your spot by messaging Steve Mullen at YogaDog or messaging me! Class is 6-8pm and $30 <3 span="">



Last night at Dragonfly Wellness Studio in Week 4 of the Devis + Dharma series we invoked the goddess DHUMAVATI...exploring the power of suffering, sucking and sadness as a means to step into your highest self and continue along the path of a higher spiritual evolution. Why is everyone so fearful of failure? What does it even mean to fail? How do you talk to yourself when you are in the vibration of failure? Can you meet yourself with compassion? Love? Thanks to all of the epic ladies that came out, you are POWERFUL AND AMAZING.

DHUM DHUM DHUMAVATI SVAHA  Last nights meditation altar for Dhumavati: the goddess who manifests through disappointment and frustration, whose gifts can show us the path to higher awareness that comes in times of disappointment and loss. The Bhagavad Gita says "Peace follows renunciation". Normally though the renunciation is, in a sense, forced on us by having things we counted on fall away. A relationship ends, a child leaves, a job dissolves, you lose your health. But sometimes in a moment when the worst happens, you discover an enormous dignity and peace in simply standing in what you are. (Big thanks to Sally Kemptons book "Awakening Shakti" for the inspiration for this series!!!). Next week is BHUVANESHWARI)

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

northwest sliding

Check out SHE AND THE SEA...a creative journey of sliding soul sisters through the coasts of oregon to canada! 


Tuesday, July 22, 2014


CRAZY INSANE EXCITED for the 3rd installment of my 6 week Devis + Dharma series at Dragonfly Wellness! Wednesday 6pm-8pm we will be tapping into **KALI**, the goddess of Death, Destruction and New Beginnings. Step into your power, release what is no longer necessary, and begin the new journey!  There is limited space so please call and reserve your spot. (Also, FYI there is a transformational breathing workshop from 5-6pm, so no need to arrive too early as the space will be occupied right up until we begin class.)

Blogging Hiatus....

Hey peeps! I have been hearing from lots of people about my lack of blogging. There are so many amazing things that I have been reading, discovering, uncovering, expanding on, and diving into -- but I have been pouring all of this love, dedication and inspiration into my classes. To share via the blog just hasn't felt right, almost as if I am disrespecting the sacred space that I have been creating with these beautiful communities in the studio. So, forgive me! When I start traveling again then I will be back on the once-a-day blogging, but for now, all of my time and energy is going into my classes, retreats and trainings.

I would LOVE for you to support my dear friend JOSEPHINE by visiting her amazing sacred space of storytelling , and more specifically check out our dear friend Georgias story:

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Yoga and Wine!!

I have been loving teaching at WILLOW CREEK WINERY down in Cape May every Friday!! 10am $25 gets you a class and a glass of sangria!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

soulful sea adventures!

In the Fall of 2014, three surfers/artists – Ozzie Hoppe, Elissa Pfost, and Kara Sparkman – will embark on a classic Northwest surf trip from Southern Oregon to Vancouver Island, B.C. Our mission is to employ our various creative leanings (art, words, photography) to illuminate the spirit of the women who surf this harsh, exposed, and wild cold-water region: We want to get to know who they are, and what makes them – and the place they inhabit – special. 
Women are a minority in the surf population, and in the Pacific Northwest they are even more rare. It’s no surprise. The water is cold, the coastline rugged, and protected point breaks with clean, consistent waves, few and far between. The weather is iffy more often than not, and just getting to and into the water can be epic. There's usually a drive required, and a hike. And once there, you've got to wriggle into a thick wetsuit and – most of the year – hood, booties and gloves too. And then after the session, you reverse the whole process to get home. Surfing in the Pacific Northwest requires a whole new level of dedication and commitment.
Even with all of these hurdles to navigate, there are women dedicated to surfing this particular stretch of coastline. Most of them aren't surfing for an audience or media attention. They embrace their connection to the sea in a quiet, deeply personal, and sometimes even spiritual manner. We think their bond with the ocean, and the unique ways in which that relationship is nurtured and expressed, are important, inspiring, and deserve acknowledgement. 
The road trip will be our method of exploration. We will immerse ourselves in the landscape and lifestyle via experiences we have with those we meet along the way. This is where the magic of travel happens, whether you share a wave in the water, talk story around a campfire, make a meal together, or practice yoga on the beach side by side. We look forward to the mutual inspiration that will naturally arise from these encounters.
As we travel together with a shared intention of discovery and connection, art will be the means through which we express our findings. We will creatively document and interpret our experience through drawing, painting, journaling, photography, video, interviews, writing, blogging, and social media. The trip will liberate our creativity in ways unique to each of us, and at journey’s end, we will share what we’ve discovered via a touring, multi-media presentation that will include an art show, film short, art books, and dialogue. 

I personally know two of this trio, and can tell you that their creative energy is off the chart! Be sure to check them out and follow the adventure! 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sat Nam.

SAT NAM SAT NAM SAT NAM SAT NAM SAT NAM SAT NAM SAT NAM! What an epic evening over at YogaDog! Thank you to everyone who showed up and ROSE UP at my Kundalini yoga workshop. It's amazing what some powerful pranayama can do for the heart, mind, body and Soul.

"Breath flows
Into this body
As a nectar of the gods.

Every breath is a whisper
Of the Goddess:
"Here is the ritual I ask of you-
Be the cup
Into which I pour this bliss,
The elixir of immortal peace."

--the Radiance Sutras

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Divine Gifts.

Steve, Joanne and Mary were certainly a gift from above!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Surfin Sistas

This weekend I had the pleasure of teaching two of my sweet soul sistas how to slide waves!!! Such an amazing time! Jai!

A Far Mosque

I really enjoyed both classes that I taught today. I always enjoy them, but there was something particularly special about today. Everyone's hearts were OPEN and it was incredibly moving to be able to guide these open hearts into a magical place of self love and connection with God. Divine energy is all around us and always available to us...there is no medium that we need to help us to connect to this, or any Church, Temple or Mosque that we must visit to share our burdens, desires, thoughts, emotions, dreams, traumas or triumphs. We are the Mosque. Close your eyes and you are seated alongside God itself. How wonderful!! How comforting!! And then I love the point that Rumi stresses about then taking this compassion and putting it into action....because even a prince is only a conceit until he does something with his generosity....

Rumi "The Far Mosque"

The place that Solomon made to worship in,
called the Far Mosque, is not built of earth
and water and stone, but of intention and wisdom
and mystical conversation and compassionate action.

Every part of it is intelligent and responsive
to every other. The carpet bows to the broom.
The door knocker and the door swing together
like musicians. This heart sanctuary
does exist, though it cannot be described.

Solomon goes there every morning
and gives guidance with words,
with musical harmonies, and in actions,
which are the deepest teaching.
A prince is just a conceit,
until he does something with his generosity.

Cailin Callahan

Vanilla Almond Chia Pudding with Blueberries!

My schedule is non-stop, and I have not been nourishing my body accordingly. Yesterday, I made a commitment to fuel my body efficiently and decided to start my busy mornings with a full-power super-food breakfast of chia pudding. This took minutes to prepare and was SO FREAKING GOOD.

2 cups almond milk (I used homemade, which is insanely easy, affordable and much more healthy + tasty than the store bought.)
1/2 cup chia seeds
1 teaspoon GOOD QUALITY, alcohol free vanilla extract
A generous sprinkle of cinnamon
3 large teaspoons of Xylitol (or other sweetener...)

Mix it up in a mason jar and let it sit (in the fridge) for atleast an hour. It will keep in the fridge for 4 days. Mix it up good and then top with fresh berries!