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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Blogging Hiatus....

Hey peeps! I have been hearing from lots of people about my lack of blogging. There are so many amazing things that I have been reading, discovering, uncovering, expanding on, and diving into -- but I have been pouring all of this love, dedication and inspiration into my classes. To share via the blog just hasn't felt right, almost as if I am disrespecting the sacred space that I have been creating with these beautiful communities in the studio. So, forgive me! When I start traveling again then I will be back on the once-a-day blogging, but for now, all of my time and energy is going into my classes, retreats and trainings.

I would LOVE for you to support my dear friend JOSEPHINE by visiting her amazing sacred space of storytelling , and more specifically check out our dear friend Georgias story:

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