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Thursday, July 31, 2014



Last night at Dragonfly Wellness Studio in Week 4 of the Devis + Dharma series we invoked the goddess DHUMAVATI...exploring the power of suffering, sucking and sadness as a means to step into your highest self and continue along the path of a higher spiritual evolution. Why is everyone so fearful of failure? What does it even mean to fail? How do you talk to yourself when you are in the vibration of failure? Can you meet yourself with compassion? Love? Thanks to all of the epic ladies that came out, you are POWERFUL AND AMAZING.

DHUM DHUM DHUMAVATI SVAHA  Last nights meditation altar for Dhumavati: the goddess who manifests through disappointment and frustration, whose gifts can show us the path to higher awareness that comes in times of disappointment and loss. The Bhagavad Gita says "Peace follows renunciation". Normally though the renunciation is, in a sense, forced on us by having things we counted on fall away. A relationship ends, a child leaves, a job dissolves, you lose your health. But sometimes in a moment when the worst happens, you discover an enormous dignity and peace in simply standing in what you are. (Big thanks to Sally Kemptons book "Awakening Shakti" for the inspiration for this series!!!). Next week is BHUVANESHWARI)

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