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Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I've decided that money is hard to come by.
And hard to keep.

I like my life.
I love traveling and having free time to go to the gym all day or hang out with Maude (my boyfriends dog).
Yes, I work my ASS off in the summer, which is why I don't feel the desire to work in the winter - AT ALL.

I'm going to Seattle for 10 days in November.
And I just bought a one-way ticket to Costa Rica (I leave December 19th).
I will most likely be returning on Feb. 27th, unless
A) I miss Shawn and decide to come home early, or
B) Shawn breaks up with me and I decide to stay down there forever and raise little brown babies

You are wondering why I am emailing you all this babble? Because my money depends on you - to spread the word.

I'm an the official odd-jobber (I'm sure that you can take this in the way it's intended -- most men find a way to pervert it though).

I will.....

-Watch your dog (or cat) **I'm pushing this one! I love dogs!
-Wash your dog
-Walk your dog
-Help your grandma with her groceries
-Clean houses
-Make you dinner
-Drive you to doctors appointments
-Give you guitar lessons
-Have a show at your music venue
-Write an article for your magazine
-Type up all your random notes
-Make you custom Christmas Cards
-Freelance Graphic Design (I DO have an education, BA in Graphic Design)
-Cater a party for you (ask anyone, im a kickass chef)
WHATEVER. Spread the word. Cailin needs money, and she's willing to odd-job for it.

Now you're wondering why I don't just get a job...

Well I'm not willing to give up my fabulous travel-filled, glorious, comfortable life to work for some JOE SHMOE at a 9-5 job making crap money. Boo.

And HEY, while your at it, tell all those cheapos out there that haven't purchased my cd yet to SUPPORT THE ARTS. It's only TEN DOLLARS -- that's a shortie hoagie and a soda at WAWA for cryin' out loud.

the BLOG is BACK


I was gone for a minute, but now I'm back.
Summer is a crazy time.
I was in love, surfing a ton, making music, working around the clock and spending minimal time online.

Fast forward to fall.
I surfed a ton, have been eating great food and had some GREAT gigs. Epic gigs.
I got a new board, Monsieur Poupon. He is the 3rd man in my life -- the first being my father, the second being Shawn. He is 6'8" and beautiful. Rounded tail, egg-shaped and the most gorgeous shade of yellow.
Speaking of obsessions, I joined the 18th street Ocean City Community Center and it is FABULOUS.
I've been working it out, swimming it out, and sweating it out (in their fab sauna), all for only $49 a month.
My yoga teacher Hope is fantastic and funny and loud, like me.
I go to atleast one class a day, that is in between taking Maude for walks, taking Maude to the beach, or hanging out with Maude in the house.
Maude is my boyfriends dog. She is part lab, part boxer, part pit-bull. The Glorious Black Bitch with an Underbite. Very cute. Love of my life. I will post a picture this week.

In EPIC GIG news, I played at the Hinge in philadelphia earlier this month. I thought that this was going to be a random show, and it most certainly was...but in a good way. Downstairs they serve up some DELICIOUS food. I'm talking mouth-watering, lip-licking good. My friend Sharon Stabley had rack of lamb with mashed sweet potatoes and roasted figs stuffed with bleu cheese. I had homemade wheat fettucini with plum tomatoes. It's a BYOB place (thank god, saving my friends buku bucks). Upstairs is the venue. It's draped in deep purples and maroons, silks and satins and everything beautiful and luxurious. It is small and intimate and candle-lit with a small space in the front of the room for the band. The room fits 35 people, and we packed in 30. I played with Christian Mahr, my very talented bearded guitarist who sleeps all day and drinks coffee all night while doing crossword puzzles the few hours he is awake and Sven Peltonen my very outgoing, energetic, off-in-a-charming-sort-of-way percussionist. Through out the 2 hour performance you could have heard a pin drop. Two songs moved the audience to cry, one even made Christian and I cry. In my opinion it was the highlight of my career as a musician. It was a show that every musician strives to have. A captive audience, a perfect venue, and a flow amoungst the people you are sharing the stage with. FEELING the music. *The night was documented by the oh-so-fabulous-photographer, Sharon Stabley. Photos will follow I promise.

ANYWAYS, That's enough rambling for now. More later, don't worry. You won't lose me again!