not all who wander are lost.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Talent: These are musicians who really inspire me. These songs or videos specifically. Just wanted to share with you all.

Gilian Welch and David Rawlings. A great duo. Great song.

Another duo. Rodrigo y Gabriela. When you listen to their cd it sounds like there are 4 people playing...with percussion.

Fiona Apple. Need I say more?

Beirut. The genius behind it: Zach Condon. The most talented 21 year old on the planet. He's been making amazing music since birth. So fantastic. So unique. This is a live street performance. He is influenced by gypsies. Also, check out his video for "Elephant Gun". It's spectacular.

Feist: she sings with her whole body and soul. Beautiful.

Monday, July 7, 2008

53 Degrees

...i mean really, it's July! What the hell is going on? I wore booties the other day.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

A rainy day of surf. photo: Rob Kulisek

I was sitting at work today thinking about GREAT days.
You know those days that happen every once in a while.
They aren't planned, they just...appear?
This was one of those days.

I went to the beach by myself.
Paddled out and stumbled upon some great people, surfed great waves.
Thought I was done, then ran into MORE good people.
Which led to more surfing, more good waves, and lots of laughing.

Refuel with Sharonie (she makes a mean Gin&Tonic, and a delicious grilled cheese)!

A few of us headed back to the beach for an evening sunset session.
We weren't in the water for more than 2 minutes and then the sky poured down on us.
We sought shelter on the beach, in the sand.
Laughing and chatting.

When the skies cleared everyone had left, except for our group.
We surfed perfect, clean waves until the sun went down.

I love great days. The memories of them are what keep me going on...the not-so-great days.

Hope everybody is having a good one.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

the dungeon, the real world

im in the dungeon. this is what people refer to as the "real world".

a room without windows.
four walls, a small door, two desks, two computers, lots of paper, and a light...
...without a lampshade.

we have a cat though, which adds some joy to my day.

im doing design that doesn't challenge me.
working at a pace that encourages me to wander the web, dillydally and daydream.
in all the spare time i have for exploration, i have discovered:

-pandora: the greatest thing ever. ive expanded my music collection ten-fold based on their playlists and recommendations

-hotwire vs. cheaptickets : it really doesn't matter. if airfare to a certain destination is cheap, it's going to be cheap on ALL the airfare sites. right now...flying is a ripoff. : they NEVER have the right water temperature. the water is not 63 degrees heritage! its 53. VERY cold.

- surf cams : they take forever to load, and you just cannot tell what the waves are like by looking at them. waste of time.

-mermaids: there arent ANY quality mermaid illustrations on the web. ive searched high and low.

Finally discovery...sitting a desk is not for me. Corporate world, no thank you. I believe that I will go back to my couch-hopping, vagabond days of waitressing and playing music. Because I work to live damnit! I certainly don't live to work.

SO...I'm saving my pennies. Getting ready for another "Jersey Shore" year. I'm gonna work my ass off, making lots of money in the summer and then go to Costa Rica and play music in the winter. It's an odd existence that we live down here, but I think that I like it. And until I find another way of life that I like better, I guess that this one will have to do.

Looking forward to surfing with good company in good swell this fall...sans the shoobies.

PS: I wrote this blog while at work. Just one more thing that I do at work...besides work.....