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Friday, December 31, 2010

Sound Meditation.

" with my closed eyes i see, i feel, i hear. "
This past May during my stay in Encinitas, I had two life-changing experiences. One was BioSync, the other was SOUND MEDITATION. Chris Del Moro, Nicole Gorton and I headed to this little hippie clothing/accessory/incense shop in Carlsbad, Global Heart, for their Monday night Sound Meditation. There is a room that they clear out and everyone is lying down on the floor. It was so cramped in there...feet to heads, arms alongside other limbs - we were packed in like sardines. Last time I was in the middle of the room, with my foot touching the huge Gong. Scattered throughout the room were Tibetan Singing bowls of all shapes and sizes, one placed next to everyones ear. We began with a silent meditation, followed by some chanting, before we relaxed down into the earth and let the sound heal us. PROFOUND: that's the only word that I can think of. The sound of the Gong was working it's way up through my body, the vibrations of the singing bowls were running along my Meridians. Sometimes I was smiling, and sometimes tears just ran down my face. I left feeling like a new person.

Well, since my Meditation-Partners-In-Crime are out of town, I took matters into my own hands. After some serious scouring of the web, I finally found my place. I know that tonight is New Years Eve, and that the weekend is coming up - but my countdown til MONDAY begins right now! I'm so excited for the clarity and warmth that fills me up during those Monday Sound Meditations!

Here's a bit about Sound Meditation.....

Sound, Meditation and Healing
It is believed that the primordial sound along with vibration is the source for the creation of the entire universe. Sound indeed is a very powerful tool for manifestation. As both humans and animals have understood the use of sound, we have used sounds for many different purposes. It is the medium of communication. The positive effects of sound has been understood and used in various chanting as an offering and also for the creation of soothing music for the soul.
Studies shows how sound can alter the state of the mind. Light music can create a peaceful sensation while loud and distorted sound can be the cause for irritation and disrupt the natural state. Sound has been used as a tool for meditation for thousands of years. Ancient eastern civilizations have explored and document both the benefits and the destructive properties of sound.

So how does sound and vibration work in the body?

As we become familiar with energy, we are able to feel, be aware and generate this phenomenon within the body. Our body is very complex, made up of billions of cells and tissues yet functioning together as one. Knowingly or unknowingly, the body is, has and will go through transformations. Transformation caused by time is a natural phenomenon but transformations affected by physical, psychological, and emotional causes maybe the result of external agents. If we are able to understand these external agents, certain changes can be avoided.

When one is affected by the later circumstance, the person develops distrust, frustration, anger and other blockages with them. These in turn are the same blockages that prevent the proper flow of Chi with the energy centers (Chakras). As a result one is constantly stressed. Stress is a package of other physical diseases. Cancer, heart disease, digestive problems, sleep problems, depression, obesity and various other diseases have been related to chronic stress.

Meditation is one of the natural ways of working with this problem. While meditating we not only give ourselves some time to slow down but more so we allow us the opportunity to understand things as they are. The best gift we can have is the Divine Wisdom and this can only be achieved through self understanding and awareness.

Sound meditation is another powerful tool. When we use sound during meditation we are able to go beyond the chattering mind and achieve a blissful state of mind. The Om (AUM) sound is considered the first sound that was manifested. Just by understanding this three syllabus sound, we can uncover the hidden secrets of creation. This syllabus contains within itself the creative, the preservative and the destructive forces. It is one complete sound.

When one has an active mind and is not able to either generate sounds or gets distracted easily, there are various tool to help us create sounds and vibrations. Tools such as singing bowls, bells, gongs and tingshaws have been effective on the body. Sounds create work in conjunction with the energy centers of the body, resonates them and thus aligning and enabling the flow of chi (energy), throughout the body.

When one allows themselves to be one with the universe, has an in depth understanding of things how and why it happens, then one can break from the cycle of misery and suffering. As Buddha describes suffering as : suffering is not what happens within the physical body but suffering is that which takes place every time there is instability within the mind. When we have this understanding healing takes place in the most subtle levels.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Back Home

So I'm back in Encinitas, and it just feels like home. Like this is exactly where I should be, and with the people I should be with. {Only thing missing is my parents of course...and Sarah and Julia!} For some reason before I left I was totally anxious about my return to Heaven. I was worried because of my expectations. When I first went to Costa Rica, there was no where like it in the world, and then when I returned the second year it just wasn't as 'magical' as I had remembered it. I worried that my last trip out here was a one-in-a-million type trip, and that surely something that great couldn't happen twice. Well, silly me - it's good here, really good...

Gray picked me up at the airport yesterday, and with him he had one of his WORLD FAMOUS SMOOTHIES!! You have no idea, these smoothies are the talk of the town in Encinitas, and he gives them to all of his BioSync customers {along with his good friends}! The sun was shining, smoothie in hand, and one of the most amazing people that I know seated beside me. The trip was already starting off at an epic rate. We drove back to his house on Vulcan Ave and I got a warm welcome from Marble, Grays very cool, old dog. I walked next door and hung out with Ali and her husband Justin. Ali filled me in on 'life since I left', and all the sweet honeymoon details from their trip to Bali. Gray wanted to catch a surf, and since I wasn't able to pick up my board at the Channin/Bing factory, I just opted to go soak up some sunshine on the beach. At the beach I met Grays new lady, Jenna, and we laughed and chatted and chatted somemore. Back at Grays we had some tea, and then a friend popped in and joined us. If Gray is home, then 90% of the time the front door is wide open- and on any given day there are people coming and going....stopping for a chat, a cup of tea or just a hug.

We had to take Bri to the airport and pick Lauren UP from the airport - so Bri, Hurricane Danielle, Gray, Jenna and myself loaded into the car and headed towards San Diego - stopping for some dinner first. Hurricane Danielle is this adorable, petite girl from NY. She talks fast and talks alot -- clearly, I love her. She took to me instantly, saying that she felt like she already knew me from all of the stories that she hears about me and the photos that shes seen. We laughed the whole car ride to the restaurant as Hurricane Danielle entertained with her enthusiastic stories. Once at dinner, Bri and I fell into our own little world of conversation. I LOVE BRI. She is so fascinating to me. We talked about food, food, more food, love, and food. She shares a passion for eating, and especially cooking -- but let me tell you, she is a RAW FOOD GODDESSS. The plates that she creates will rock your palate and your mind - and then she'll tell you that it's raw and vegan, and you're like "WHAT?!?!" She's down in Florida visiting her boyfriend now, but she's back on Jan 3rd and we vowed to hole up in her apartment {she lives next to Nicole, Rachel and Hurricane Danielle in Cardiff} and cook cook cook, create recipes, and do yoga. OH yeah, did I mention - she's a badass Kundalini yoga instructor?

Dropped her at the airport, picked up fellow yogini/surfer yoga instructor LAUREN. We caught up with what we've missed over the past few months - and then it was decided that I'd head with her and a chunk of the yoga Yurt crew to LA for this amazing New Years Eve Yoga event. So excited!!

Back at Grays house, I snuggled into the couch, and the fact that I'd been awake for well over 24 hours just hit me like a brick wall. But before I fell to sleep, ERIN WILLIAMS came over!! Petite amazing outstanding Erin Williams - who introduced me to the Yurt last year, introduced me to Gray - and basically was the reason I stayed in Encinitas last year. She just got back from spending some time in Hawaii and then back home in Massachusettes, so she filled me in our her hysterical adventures and 'life as an Aunt'!!

Now - I'm going to brave the rain for some coffee at Pannakin -- they have THE BEST. Today Erin, Ali, Danielle, Katie, Blair, me, and I'm sure many more - will be headed to Lauren's yoga class. Tonight I'm having dinner with Mia and then we are going to head out for drinks - probably meeting up with Lenny, Trisha and the crew. I can't wait!! There's so many people that I want to see while I'm feels like coming home.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Nomads, No Houses.

Mom, Dad, Me and LP {he braved the snowstorm yesterday so that he could get snowed in at OUR house} were bundled up on the couch this morning, and I put on a documentary "Running The Sahara". This film was about three diehard athletes who ran the Sahara desert. It took 110 days, they ran every day, for about 12 hours a day. As I said, DIEHARD. About halfway through their intense journey as they were running through the dead and desolate desert, they came across a little boy - all alone. His father had left days before in search of water, and he sat there - and waited. The desert and outskirts of populated cities are scattered with Nomad families...constantly traveling, with no set home. In the movie, the narrator {Matt Damon} read something that really hit home:

"The Nomads value their freedom of movement so much that they believe Houses Are The Graves of the Living."

Well, I'm not knocking houses per se, I absolutely DO enjoy the warm cozy haven of my parents house - but I do have somewhat of a similar feeling towards owning a home of my own, or even staying in one home for any length of time.

...If I live in a Yurt, that doesn't count as a "house" does it....?

Sunday, December 26, 2010


This is a traditional Mongolian Yurt. Similar to the North American Medicine Wheel or Navajo Hogan, the door opens to the South, and the sacred space is North, opposite the door.

I want a Yurt.

Yep, you heard me, a Yurt.

It breaks my heart to tell you, but my beloved Yoga Swami's YURT in Encinitas has been dismantled. It apparently didn't meet the building "code", so they ruined it. This was a holy place as far as I'm concerned. When you walked in, you felt something special pulse through your whole body. A sacred place, a safe place, to practice your devotion through yoga, surrounded by a spectacular group of people. Well, this morning when my parents and I were having coffee my mom was talking to my dad about his recovery - and how they needed to get back on track. The temptations of the Holidays were more than any of us could resist - completely indulging in the pleasures of food and drink. My mom told my father that starting soon they were going to start doing Tai Chi again, and nice light well, live well. Then she said, "We need a Yurt!" My eyes lit up, I couldn't agree more!!! Afterall, my dad has a HUGE garage to play in...we needed something for us! I have tried to stick with a daily practice of yoga and meditation, but it is so difficult! Our home has very little 'free space' in it - and though meditation and yoga is more about where you are mentally as opposed to physically - well, it is simply much easier clear your mind in a wide open space. So now, I'm pushing for a practice yoga, tai chi, and meditation - in our back yard. Right next to my Dad's garage. For those of you who have never experienced the simplicity and beauty of a Yurt, well - I promise to invite you over once I have Mine!
Yoga Swami's Yurt: no more :(
A bit about YURTS:

A yurt (üi or kiz üi in Kazakh, ger in Mongolian) is a portable, felt-covered, wood lattice-framed dwelling structure traditionally used by nomads in the steppes of Central Asia. A yurt is more home-like than a tent in shape and build, with thicker walls.

Some yurts are used for living.
Yurts for YOU and ME:

One of the most interesting recent innovations is the exceptionally portable camping or backyard yurt, developed by GoYurt Shelters and Rainier Yurts. These yurts come with a ground cloth and can be put up by two people in about an hour. GoYurt Shelters has an additional focus on sustainable materials like FSC certfied wood, natural canvas and non-toxic finishes.

Fabric yurts work especially well for modern nomads and people in transition. Typical of nomadic shelters, they use minimal materials and are light on the land, combining environmental sustainability with a high degree of comfort. Building the wooden deck takes carpentry skills and a week or two to complete, but putting up the yurt itself takes less than a day, or two days for a 30' yurt.

After some research, this website really seems to have it all:

Saturday, December 25, 2010


This year I only had one gift to give. A book, for my Dad. A book that I've been working on for the past 6 months, it's called "The Places We Will Go".

I can describe this book by using the introduction that I used on the second page:

Dad, Remember this summer when i wrote you a letter, discussing the things that I would miss if you weren't around? Well that gave me the idea for this book, and I've been working on it ever since. At first it begin as a tiny little 'pamphlet', simply listing the places that I planned to go in the future along with a short sentence about something I'd like to do, see or eat while there. I quickly realized though that i had to call in was I supposed to know about what to do in spain and the best place to eat in Portugal if I'd never been there?! I began emailing friends from around the world- asking for their help. I explained that you, my father, has been my inspiration and constant motivation for my life of travel. You have encouraged me to explore and discover, while most parents are shoving jobs, 401Ks, and mortgages down their children's throats. The initial encouragement to see what's 'out there' has sparked an irresistible passion to make this my way of life....a fire that blazes hotter and stronger with each passing day. I live to meet new people, to entice my palate with delicious new foods, to jump, climb, sing and laugh my way through places near and those very, very far away. And most of all- I love to be able Share these experiences with you...whether in person, via Skype or through my blog. Over the past two years I have become so enveloped with my blog-- writing about all of the incredible stuff is just about as fun as Doing all of it was! When you first got really sick and I actually sat back and opened my eyes to the situation, It hit me that i just couldnt fathom this world, my world, without YOU in it. Who would I tell my stories too? All that I do I do FOR you or is inspired by the love FROM you. I was devastated about all that you'd miss...the places Id go, the amazing things that I would encounter, the perfect waves I would surf and the amazing people that I would meet along the way. Well, this book is a look into my FUTURE. It reads like my that you are able to get a glimpse into all of the mayhem and adventure that I have to look forward to. And whether you are here on earth or up in heaven, you are ALWAYS in my heart- and therefor we go to all of these places together. I hope that you enjoy the adventure that I've conjured up for us dad, I love you as big as the universe. 
The people involved:
sharon stabley - marrakech
juan theron - africa
nicole gorton - bali
bar zirinski - israel
anastasia van wingerden - chile
adam mcconnell - el salvador
jesus varas - spain
michele haller - sri lanka
emily corkill - vietnam, cambodia, laos
camilo navarro - panama
erin biddle - colorado
chris del moro - italy
mari & maja - norway
becki vicars - guatemala
ozzie hoppe - australia
erin doyle - tokyo
greg beck - france
julia bandy - sicily
lila roo duncombe-lieber - maine
ravi patel - india
chris paisley - new zealand
marcia ardito - brazil
rochelle sotter - spain (pt2)
thoralf - portugal
I was so touched by everyones involvement in the project that I created an indepth INDEX along with this,
As the months passed that I worked on this- receiving emails, writing thank you letters, cutting and pasting- I realized that HOW I came about getting these stories was pretty amazing, and that the story about WHO I got them from was just as interesting as the story they told. In fact, the only way that this book was possible is BECAUSE of YOU. Afterall, it was you that encouraged me to travel- and through traveling I'd met all these people. Because of you (and a big thanks to wonderful things like facebook and email that help us stay connected) I was able to email people from every corner of the globe, enlisting their assistance for this project. My friends who helped me complete this project are some of the most spectacular, talented, kind and loving individuals that I have ever met. When I asked for their help, they jumped at the opportunity- after all, they'd ALL heard many a story about MY DAD. It broke my heart that theyd never get to meet the great man, the one who made me who I am. And I was sad too that you would never get to meet these fascinating, fabulous people who have played a huge role in molding me into the woman that I've grown to be. But now, things are looking up- the sun is shining bright over the horizon- and I have high hopes that you'll be sticking around for a good while!! Hopefully you'll be able to meet these wonderful people who contributed to our book!

Merry Christmas Dad.


Well, aside from Christmas being about family, it's also usually turns out to be about giving and receiving. When I was a little kid I always preferred the receiving part, but from about 12-on I get the most personal gratification from giving. SO: this is a two part blog. Part One, Receiving. MUCHO thanks to my amazing Mom + Dad for getting me the most RAD christmas gifts!!!!

A CERMAIC Neti Pot!!! I Neti every single day, but the Neti I use is a plastic one from CVS. Yes, the plastic is great for traveling, but this is a beautiful pot that I can use every day at home :)

These beeeeeautiful, comfortable and versatile earrings will DEFINITELY be packed in the single backpack I will travel through Asia with {for 4 months}! Along with the earrings is the beautiful burnt orange "buff" that can be worn as a scarf, headband, etc. etc. etc.!

Tibetan Prayer Flags, Incense and Incense Holder...EPIC.
A Tibetan Singing Bowl!! I first used one of these in California, and I attended a life-changing Sound Meditation as well - which had about 40 of these bowls, all different sizes, going at the same time!! I still haven't figured out how to make mine "Sing" yet, but practice makes perfect!

MORTAR & PESTAL! I usually use the backside of a knife to "grind" my spices. Or a rolling pin. Or a hammer. I'm so thankful for this GORGEOUS marble Mortar & Pestal that I will have forever and ever!

My parents LOATHE the fact that I drink water, fresh from streams, with no filtration! Ha. I assure them that it's fine, but after watching one too many episodes of MONSTERS INSIDE ME on the Discovery Channel they demanded that I stop drinking water that wasn't filtered. This water bottle can clean water from any stream, creek, faucet, etc. !!!!

Around my waist is a money belt, to be worn under your clothes, protecting your important documents {and money}: an ESSENTIAL for travelers. Im resting my head on a sleep-aid, that can be blown up in only TWO BREATHS, and it deflates to roll up into a small little ball. This is perfect for those 11 hour bus rides through the mountain on an uncomfortable, sweaty bus....or the upcoming 14 hour flight to Asia!

Uncle Duke {aka Sean} brought me these GORRRRRRRRRGEOUS handmade socks from South America! They are warm and comfortable and totally cute!!

BUT, the best gift of all, has been My Dad. A goddamn CHRISTMAS MIRACLE. Against all odds, he is living. He should be dead, the doctors can't explain it or fathom how or why - but here he is. So MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME!!!
The Man, The Myth, The Legend:
My Dad.
{with his buttered + jammed toast!}

Callahan Christmas.

Christmas, to me, is about FAMILY. Sometimes a blessing, sometimes a curse - I come from a HUGE extended family. Sure, my family is just me, Mom & Dad: but my Dad is one of 10 and thats a shitload of loud, outspoken crazies to be all together at the same time. We had a traditional "Callahan Christmas" this year, inspired by my Dad -- something that has not happened in a long, long, long time. I mean really -- with that many people, you are BOUND to have conflicting personalties, and when you add in the intense nature that all the Callahan's have, makes for interesting gatherings. This year we got out unscathed! No big fights, no meltdowns -- we all rallied, fueled by the love we have for my Dad, and had a beautiful Christmas. Today we are having Round 2. Everyone went to church this morning, I was feeling under the weather...cough...cough..., but my cousin Matty told me that he'd pray for my heathen soul, afterall he's tight with J.C. At 12:45 we are all meeting on the beach in Ocean City, where we will spread the ashes of my Aunt Mary, who passed away last year. This will be followed by a relaxing {I hope!} family dinner and some good old-fashioned quality family time.

Here's some photo highlights from last night:

Friday, December 24, 2010

Uncle Sean.

Uncle Sean. Uncle Sean, Uncle Sean, UNCLE SEAAAAN!!!
Love love love Uncle Sean.

He's been traveling, on a ship, through South America.
He has a studio in Vermont, Nantucket, and Key West.
He is super cool,
and I'm super glad to be able to spend some time with him.

Check out his fabulous artwork:

Here's a haiku I wrote for him:

full bearded uncle
sailing, painting, life lover
hater of quinoa

Love, Cailin.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cumin + Sweet Potatoes.

Holy Christ.

Who knew....that a Sweet Potato could be so perfect.
So easily altered with just one spice.

I like sweet potato pie, and sweet potatoes -- that have been topped with lots of brown sugar and lots of butter. Whenever I see sweet potatoes - they are always on the sweet side {apart from the savory fried sweet potato french fries}. I hate to see this outrageously nutritious winter delight bastardized by all the sweet stuff, and tonight I found the solution: CUMIN. Yep, you heard me. {Ground} Cumin. Tonight I had a baked sweet potato, topped with a pat of butter {I mean, come on, I can't totally deprive myself....but as a healthy alternative you could always drizzle just a bit of EVOO}. I sprinkled some good sea salt on top, a grind or two of freshly ground pepper, and then a generously sprinkling of ground cumin. It was epic. So the next time you are tempted to fooey-up your already sweet and fabulous sweet potato....think again, and sprinkle some cumin. You'll be thanking me.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Lunar Eclipse Excitement!

I'm totally excited for tonights LUNAR ECLIPSE! Hoooray!!! And this isn't just any Lunar Eclipse, it's a RARE Lunar Eclipse! It can't be viewed until about 2:30am I'm passing the time by reading Twilight: Breaking Dawn....again!

RARE LUNAR ECLIPSE: The lunar eclipse of Dec. 21st falls on the same date as the northern winter solstice. Is this rare? It is indeed, according to Geoff Chester of the US Naval Observatory, who inspected a list of eclipses going back 2000 years. "Since Year 1, I can only find one previous instance of an eclipse matching the same calendar date as the solstice, and that is Dec. 21, 1638," says Chester. "Fortunately we won't have to wait 372 years for the next one...that will be on Dec. 21, 2094."

WHEN TO LOOK: The total eclipse lasts more than an hour from 02:41 am to 03:53 am EST on Tuesday morning, Dec. 21st. Any time within that interval is a good time to look. For other time zones, consult Shadow & Substance's animated eclipse.

A lunar eclipse occurs when the moon passes behind the earth so that the earth blocks the sun's rays from striking the moon. This can occur only when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are aligned exactly, or very closely so, with the Earth in the middle.
Unlike a solar eclipse, which can only be viewed from a certain relatively small area of the world, a lunar eclipse may be viewed from anywhere on the night side of the Earth. A lunar eclipse lasts for a few hours, whereas a total solar eclipse lasts for only a few minutes at any given place.

...You're Welcome.'re welcome.

Pizza Please!

MmMmMm why is pizza so damn delicious?
One of my favorite things is eating the leftover pizza the following day!

You better cut the pizza in four pieces because I'm not hungry enough to eat six.
Yogi Berra

Sunday, December 19, 2010

New Kicks.

The key to living out of one backpack for months at a time is PERFECT PACKING. HOW you pack things and WHAT you pack. I have some amazing Merrel hiking sneaker/boots, but they are super heavy and take up way too much space in my bag. I bought these Nike's (for $49.99 @ Nike Outlet in AC), which are super lightweight, and able to fold down, almost flush to the sole. They are mesh by the feet, which is great -- cause they will breeeeeeeaaaath!!! Also purchased were some key basics from H&M that can be dressed up or dressed down. Let the packing begin!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Reality of Today.

Tonight I watched the new movie, INCEPTION, with Leonardo DiCaprio. At it's conclusion my single thought was "What the F just happened, I am so F*ing confused." In short, the movie is about dreams - and a lot of conflict coming from the difficulty in differentiating dreams from reality, and more specifically - memories from reality. It made me think about how this relates to my life right now. So often I forget the reality of the past and instead focus on the memories -- memories being something that I personally created, therefore most of the time we choose to only focus on those that are good. Christ, it was a year ago-to-date that Shawn and I called it quits - yet I still have trouble coming to peace with the split. Was it the right decision? Did I make a mistake? In retrospect, was it really that bad? Was I truly unhappy? Am I better off now? My mind dreams up the happy memories we had, focusing on the good times and the positive aspects of our relationship. There is an ebb and a flow to this, and right now it seems to be weighing heavy on my mind...all the days.

From what I was able to grasp, as the movie is ending we realize that living in our dreams, in the memories of our past - well, it's simply no good. No good for your sanity, nor is it good for the well-being of those close to you. You must make amends with your memories and start living for today and for your future. As difficult as this may be, I'm going to try to start living for today....first thing tomorrow morning!

Memories shouldn't be forgotten, but they should not replace your reality of today.

Fuck Cancer.

My friend Dylan, a fellow Yogi from California, posted this photo with the caption "Fuck Cancer". I couldn't agree more, and I'm so happy to repost this and share it with you all:

Thursday, December 16, 2010

John DiGenni Says...

My friend John DiGenni is hands down the funniest person that I know. I have NEVER been around him when he hasn't had me laughing...he even keeps me laughing while I'm outta town via facebook messages. After reading my blog about feeling "uncool" in NYC, and how analyzing the new movie, Black Swan, was completely beyond me - he wrote me this great email:

"Haha I like you're last post. I've found myself in the same situation once or twice. 7million people in that town and no one to hang with!! Also, the feeling of not feeling cool enough during some gatherings. Don't worry, soon it just turns to contempt hahaha
In situations where you find yourself hanging with over educated, over analytical or just pretentious art jerks. I'll share a few universal key phrases that I use when backed into a conversation I could careless about or not know-less about--

1. The influences seem too muddled for me to decipher where they're going with this.
2. I loved it. It was amazing. Total genius. Can I go now?
3. It brings up a lot of feelings that I'm not ready to share. Where's the bathroom?

Have fun on the rest of your trip and you're welcome."

I hope that everyone has a John DiGenni friend like I do....they just make life better.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Eka Pada Raja Kapotasana

Yesterday in Michelle's class I was super limited because my Lymes was flaring up. The cold weather is definitely not kind to my joints, and after walking around NYC the past week my knees were totally shot. For some reason I decided to try to get into a full one-legged king pigeon, something that I have only ever been able to do once with the physical assitance of Katie Brauer {out in Encinitas}. Don't know what came over me in class yesterday, but I just went for it, and boom. Did it. Touched my head to my toes. Yay me! In this photo I had a block half-supporting my bum, but I removed it and surprise, was able to do it again! Thanks to Michelle for another amazing class, and for filling me up with the confidence necessary to explore new poses!

Eka Pada Raja Kapotasana, or one-legged king pigeon

The Best.

There is nothing better than...

...a ripe avocado, first cup of perfectly constructed coffee in the morning, ice cold beer on a hot day,

...and Grizzly Bears' song "While You Wait For The Others".

If I'm not blaring it out of my speakers, or through my ipod, then I'm simply singing it in my head...and aloud. So good, so good, so good. Download - not now, right now. Other songs that have been on repeat:
  • Bon Iver + St. Vincent - Roslyn
  • Edward Sharpe + The Magnetic Zeroes - Home
  • Bon Iver - Re: stacks
  • Black Dub - I Believe In You
  • Sharon Jones + The Dap Kings - Inspiration Information
  • Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah
  • Bonobo - Stay The Same
  • Grizzly Bear - Two Weeks

Monday, December 13, 2010


This is my Nana Callahan. Her actual name is Margret, but I have never, ever heard anyone call her that. Mostly she's referred to as Alice or Glam. Well, there's no guessing as to how she received the nickname Glam, just look at this photo! I told her that she would fit right in with all of the cool kids in NYC...sequins are all the rage right now!

After spending the past few days in the City, fluctuating between feeling totally uncool and being content, after shopping in crazy, eclectic, overpriced stores - being lost amongst the mix of well coifed, mismatched and well-thought-out fashion....I came to the conclusion that I am a jeans and T-Shirt girl. Well, a jegging and T-Shirt gal. I was in American Apparel and couldn't pull myself away from their basic v-neck tshirts and tank tops. So, instead of denying my true identity, I am going to embrace it. Jeggings and Tshirts...Plain Jane, with a decorative scarf and some big, crazy earrings. I clearly didn't inherit my Nana's super-fly style.....

Sunday, December 12, 2010

NYC, I'll See You In 2011....

Holy Christ, is it possible to have THIS much fun?? Whenever I'm flying high I feel a little nervous, worried about when I have to come back down. Wednesday was fun, Thursday was great, Friday was even better, and Saturday - well, Saturday was perfection. A full, complete day of fun and food and adventure.

1. Finally, a day that Emily doesn't have to work! We headed to Milk + Roses, of course. We both had Americano's, and Emilia had a croissant with spinach, egg and balsamic. I had a bite and it was just as I thought it'd be....delightful.

2. Caffeinated and ready to go, we made our way to Em's old hometown, Chinatown. She had some errands to run, so I popped into Vanessa's for one final fix. For $2.50 I had a Sesame Pancake Sandwich w/ Vegetables and an order of Pork & Chive Dumplings. I ate til it hurt and there was still food leftover...all for under $3!!!

Corks and I continued to shop and bop. Well, Em did some shopping and I just did some bopping. I saw a bunch of stuff that I really loved, but simply couldn't {and wouldn't} afford. Plus, I don't think that I'll need a $325 vintage silk dress or $250 leather lace up boots in Cambodia, Laos OR Vietnam....

4. Em talked me into trying an "infused coffee" @ Randolph's. Well, I'm a coffee purist. Espresso, milk and a touch of sugar. Some may even say that I'm not a purist because I use cream and sugar. Anyways, this fancy $4.50 artisinal coffee was good....but I'm not quite sold on it. It was more like a strong tea than a good coffee. Anyways, always glad to try something new - and I'm glad I did.

5. Cruised a few blocks down to BABYCAKES on Broome. Rochelle turned us onto Babycakes, a fabulous ALL VEGAN bakery!!! Dad still is, and always will be, on {as I like to refer to it as} his 'brain tumor diet'. This is basically what's keeping him alive. Lots and lots of vegetables, and little to no sugar. The vegetables he doesn't love, but my mother makes him drink lots of fresh-made veggie juices. The no sugar....near impossible for him! I mean, we are talking about the KING of chocolate chip cookies, Drake's Cherry Pies and "White" ice cream. BABYCAKES is a blessing because they bake these deliciously complex healthy-alternatives that he can enjoy. Baked with spelt flour and agave nectar, they have a low sugar index and they still manage to be lip-lickin' good!! Check them out, they overnight orders if you aren't around the city!!

6. CAFE HABANA. Let me repeat that...CAFE HABANA. MmMmMmMm so f*ing delicious. Em and I were lucky enough to only wait 20minutes {at 3pm} for seats at the bar. We both had an order of their famous grilled corn....grilled, doused in butter, rolled in Cotija cheese, sprinkled with fresh cilantro and chipotle pepper powder, served with fresh limes wedges. Divine. Definitely not a food to eat on your first date, but Em and I go way back so we just dived in - devouring the corn and wearing the butter and cheese all over our faces. We washed it down with Michelada's {beer served with a salt rimmed glass, filled with ice, and a good serving of fresh squeezed lime juice - plus a shot of hot sauce} and MARGARITAS :)

There's no bein' neat when eating Cafe Habana's Corn!

7. Stuffed, and totally buzzed, we stumbled in and out of stores - stopping in UNIQLO because I had the genius idea to purchase JEANS. Now, let me tell you - I haven't worn jeans in almost a year. Literally, a year. No jeans. I find them to be constricting and completely uncomfortable. I have been living in stretch pants and jeggings. Woohooo! I walked into the dressing room with my jeans {which were even slightly stretchy!} and began trying them on. Well, I got up to my voluptuous thighs and had the epiphany, "What the fuck!? I hate jeans. Fuck jeans. Get these off of me...right now!". I marched out of the dressing room, and with a confused face Em said "Did they fit?". I stated that no, they did not fit, and in fact - I will never wear another pair of jeans so long as I live! I am trading in my jeans for cheese and beer and charcuterie! With that, we fled the crowdy shopping scene of Downtown and took refuge in a bar....

8.TOM & JERRY'S is a great, cozy bar in NoHo {On Elizabeth, between Prince & Houston}. I sipped a Red Stripe, and Em had a pint of Sierra. The bar was filled with drunk Santas from "SantaCan"....which is an annual event where thousands of people in NYC dress as santas, elves, reindeer, etc. and then tour the city, drinking as they go. We were having a good time, but then the Santas became too friendly, and a bit too obnoxious, so we decided it was time to leave.

9. Several hours and several more drinks after Cafe Habana, we find ourselves in another restaurant: my new favorite, BIANCA! Best pasta EVER. There was a very long wait for a table despite the late hour, so we sat in the bar next door {which is also owned by Bianca}. We ordered some food and they kindly delivered it next door - gnoccho appetizer, artichoke salad and the pasta. MmMm. Corks old roomate Paige met up with us and then we headed out to scope for sexy, available men.

Paige, Me and my new fabulous lipgloss from Sephora

10. Okay, so you'd think that sexy, available men would be in abundance in NYC....but, they are not. In a relationship or gay. Oh well, so void of bachelors we opted for the next best thing... Gin & Tonics! I forget what the name of this bar was...perhaps it was because I'd had too much to drink....

When in a {man} drought, drink gin!

11. The final destination of our evening was WINNIE'S. Winnie's Bar & Restaurant is a great Karaoke bar in Chinatown...Emily's favorite. It stunk like B.O. and was as darky and dodgey on the inside as it appeared to be from the outside. Tons of beautiful men filled the bar, though again - all were gay. There were a few eclectically dressed women accompanying them. Em, the Queen of Karaoke, sang a few numbers - and I even got up and sang Peggy Lee's "Fever". At this point I had switched to water and was a bit sleepy, but still managing to have fun. We hailed a cab and were home a little after 2am, and asleep by 2:15.

They are all so good, I couldn't pick just one...
...Emmy in all her glory!