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Friday, December 3, 2010

Cailin @ The World Cafe Live.

BAH. So amazing. I love love love the World Cafe Live, it is by far one of my favorite venues in all of the world!!! SO when they emailed me about opening for Bryan Greenberg on the amaaaazing DOWNSTAIRS stage I jumped at the chance. Below is a photo journal of the evening, and I'll just give you one story to go along with it:

Matt {the "guy" runnin' it all}: "Cailin, let me know if you need anything. The room has some snacks and water. Do you want me to stock it with beer?"

Me: "Well...does it cost anything?"

Matt: "No. It's free."

Cailin: "Well, shit...then why'd you even ask!? Absolutely!!"

Matt: "Ha. Well, what kind of beer do you want?"

Cailin: "I get to pick?! Bah! Anything! We love beer!"

Does it get any better??

Totally stoked on the free beer, free bottles of water, and the delectable veggie dipping tray!

Christian and me sound-checking...

Check One, Check Two, Check Check Check....
Scott and Dad, enjoying the show.

Momma, Me and Sarah.

Bryan Greenberg, and his many adoring female fans...

What better way to end the night than with a PAT'S Cheesesteak @ midnight?!

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