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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cumin + Sweet Potatoes.

Holy Christ.

Who knew....that a Sweet Potato could be so perfect.
So easily altered with just one spice.

I like sweet potato pie, and sweet potatoes -- that have been topped with lots of brown sugar and lots of butter. Whenever I see sweet potatoes - they are always on the sweet side {apart from the savory fried sweet potato french fries}. I hate to see this outrageously nutritious winter delight bastardized by all the sweet stuff, and tonight I found the solution: CUMIN. Yep, you heard me. {Ground} Cumin. Tonight I had a baked sweet potato, topped with a pat of butter {I mean, come on, I can't totally deprive myself....but as a healthy alternative you could always drizzle just a bit of EVOO}. I sprinkled some good sea salt on top, a grind or two of freshly ground pepper, and then a generously sprinkling of ground cumin. It was epic. So the next time you are tempted to fooey-up your already sweet and fabulous sweet potato....think again, and sprinkle some cumin. You'll be thanking me.

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