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Monday, December 13, 2010


This is my Nana Callahan. Her actual name is Margret, but I have never, ever heard anyone call her that. Mostly she's referred to as Alice or Glam. Well, there's no guessing as to how she received the nickname Glam, just look at this photo! I told her that she would fit right in with all of the cool kids in NYC...sequins are all the rage right now!

After spending the past few days in the City, fluctuating between feeling totally uncool and being content, after shopping in crazy, eclectic, overpriced stores - being lost amongst the mix of well coifed, mismatched and well-thought-out fashion....I came to the conclusion that I am a jeans and T-Shirt girl. Well, a jegging and T-Shirt gal. I was in American Apparel and couldn't pull myself away from their basic v-neck tshirts and tank tops. So, instead of denying my true identity, I am going to embrace it. Jeggings and Tshirts...Plain Jane, with a decorative scarf and some big, crazy earrings. I clearly didn't inherit my Nana's super-fly style.....

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