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Friday, December 10, 2010

Brooklyn, Day 1.

Well, technically I guess it was Day 2...but let's not get lost in the details.

I am way overdue for my city visit, I mean really....I'm only 2 1/2 hours away, I should be here every freaking weekend. Wednesday: Hopped on the bus in AC and arrived in NYC well after dark. Grabbed a beer with Emilia {who I will also refer to throughout as Emmy, Em, Corkill or Corks} and her coworkers and then we jetted off for a late, and totally sold out, showing of BLACK SWAN staring Natalie Portman. Anyone see Requiem For A Dream? Yeah, this movie was totally fucked up like that one was!! A kind of psychological thriller, with some crazy lesbian sex thrown in. After the movie, the group that we had met up with stood outside, smoking cigarettes, analyzing {in depth} the movie. The philosophy, the essence, the 'big picture'. Again - let me reference the blog I wrote earlier about feeling totally uncool in NYC - I thought that the movie was terrifying, and honestly a bit confusing. Yes, I guess I didn't "get it". I loved the cast, I loved when it was centered around the ballet, but you add in the horror of it all and in reality - I missed half the movie because I had my eyes covered, my ears plugged, my head buried into Emilys shoulder and I was cutting off the circulation of her right hand. She's lucky that I didn't have night terrors later that evening! Got back "home" to Greenpoint, Brooklyn and passed out - excited for all of the following days adventure. Emily got up early and headed to work. Thankfully she left me her keys, which meant I could lay around and be lazy as long as I wanted, not having to rush out of the house when she left. Thank You, Thank You Emilia! I had tons of plans for the day, and several people to see. Well, Gina couldn't get off of work - and she has a sniffle, so her mother wouldn't let her come in to meet me for dinner. That's one down. Two, Emily had her Holiday Christmas Party. Three, Kristen Watson had a Jivamutki yoga event. Four, Rob Kulisek had "fancy schmancy" dinner reservations somewhere - couldn't hang out and wouldn't be able to meet me @ the White Buffalo Show at the Rockwood. Five, Eileen was in the city but was busy with previous commitments and had to return to the shore, leaving around 6pm. Are you getting where I'm going with this? I know a fair amount of people in this city, and every single one of them was unavailable. As much as I love the city and am completely able to entertain myself, killing 12 hours by myself was a bit more than I bargained for - and come to find out, I'd have to be doing the same on the following day {friday} as well! I packed my bag and decided to head back South. I wrote Corks an email saying thanks for the hospitality, but I'm going to head home - love you, blah blah blah. Short and sweet. She protested and said that she could make herself available Friday evening so I said okay...and now here I am.

Milk & Roses

Yesterday was a very full day. Woke up and went straight to my FAVORITE coffee shop in the whole world, MILK + ROSES here in Greenpoint {1110 Manhattan Ave). I had TWO of the most delicious Americanos, with cream. I listened to Grizzly Bear and {don't judge!!} the Twilight New Moon soundtrack as I flipped through Lonely Planet: Cambodia, planning the first leg of my trip. I decided to start NW in Siem Reap, work my way down to Phonm Penh, and then NE before crossing over into Laos. All travel will be by boat. BAH. Can't wait. After Americanos I headed to my old stomping grounds, Williamsburg, to visit my old boss OLIA. Love, Love, Love Olia {see blog below}. I know that she is insanely busy with the upcoming holiday season, so I was so very thankful that she could set aside some time to hang with me :) We chatted about life, our love for blogging and eating, and our distain for Bikram! Before I left she let me pick out a pair of earrings as a Christmas Gift....a VERY generous gesture that I'm still blushing over! {check out her beautiful jewelry:}. We said our goodbyes and then I was uptown on the L to 8th ave, downtown on A to W4th, transfer to the B downtown to Grand Street. Cross the park and 118 Eldridge Ave, my favorite dumpling house in all the world - VANESSA'S {or as you've often heard me refer to it as, "Dollar Dumpling"}. The line wasn't that bad, and I actually GOT A SEAT!!! Hooray!! And lucky me, also seated at my table was a very handsome, interesting and well-traveled New Zealander {is this correct? What do you call someone from NZ?}. His name was Bob. We chatted quite awhile, but alas - he has a girlfriend. Go figure, they all do. I thought that NYC was filled with millions of singles...? Well every man I meet has a woman. Anyways, good for them. Had a great time sharing stories with Bob, and then was on my way to meet Eileen for ONE DRINK @ Gus + Gabriels on the upper west side. I arrive at Gus + Gabriels....and the menu says "FISHTAG". Hmmmm. And there are no gourmet tater tots on the menu....or housemade sodas {that are spiked with whiskey}. But, the menu looks good, the bartender is very nice and the atmosphere's alright, so I decide to stay put. They've been open for only a week, and the food was pretty damn delicious. Eileen ends up staying for a cocktail....and a bottle of wine, Ouzo, Port, and an arrary of appetizers and desserts! HOOOORAY!! I got to catch up with Eileen AND I didn't have to hang by myself! We laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed some more. I love Eileen, and I was thankful to have some time with her, we haven't hung out since my yoga classes ended! Eileen treated, which was truly above and beyond- and VERY appreciated. Headed back to Brooklyn for sleep and now here I am. In bed, typing. Prepping for another glorious day. I'm headed to a vinyasa flow yoga class now @ Usha Veda Yoga {1104 Manhattan Ave}, which is conveniently located next to MILK + ROSES.

Blessings everyone, enjoy today.

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  1. I love you!!! We are in a parallel universe, I just finished writing about you too!