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Saturday, December 25, 2010


This year I only had one gift to give. A book, for my Dad. A book that I've been working on for the past 6 months, it's called "The Places We Will Go".

I can describe this book by using the introduction that I used on the second page:

Dad, Remember this summer when i wrote you a letter, discussing the things that I would miss if you weren't around? Well that gave me the idea for this book, and I've been working on it ever since. At first it begin as a tiny little 'pamphlet', simply listing the places that I planned to go in the future along with a short sentence about something I'd like to do, see or eat while there. I quickly realized though that i had to call in was I supposed to know about what to do in spain and the best place to eat in Portugal if I'd never been there?! I began emailing friends from around the world- asking for their help. I explained that you, my father, has been my inspiration and constant motivation for my life of travel. You have encouraged me to explore and discover, while most parents are shoving jobs, 401Ks, and mortgages down their children's throats. The initial encouragement to see what's 'out there' has sparked an irresistible passion to make this my way of life....a fire that blazes hotter and stronger with each passing day. I live to meet new people, to entice my palate with delicious new foods, to jump, climb, sing and laugh my way through places near and those very, very far away. And most of all- I love to be able Share these experiences with you...whether in person, via Skype or through my blog. Over the past two years I have become so enveloped with my blog-- writing about all of the incredible stuff is just about as fun as Doing all of it was! When you first got really sick and I actually sat back and opened my eyes to the situation, It hit me that i just couldnt fathom this world, my world, without YOU in it. Who would I tell my stories too? All that I do I do FOR you or is inspired by the love FROM you. I was devastated about all that you'd miss...the places Id go, the amazing things that I would encounter, the perfect waves I would surf and the amazing people that I would meet along the way. Well, this book is a look into my FUTURE. It reads like my that you are able to get a glimpse into all of the mayhem and adventure that I have to look forward to. And whether you are here on earth or up in heaven, you are ALWAYS in my heart- and therefor we go to all of these places together. I hope that you enjoy the adventure that I've conjured up for us dad, I love you as big as the universe. 
The people involved:
sharon stabley - marrakech
juan theron - africa
nicole gorton - bali
bar zirinski - israel
anastasia van wingerden - chile
adam mcconnell - el salvador
jesus varas - spain
michele haller - sri lanka
emily corkill - vietnam, cambodia, laos
camilo navarro - panama
erin biddle - colorado
chris del moro - italy
mari & maja - norway
becki vicars - guatemala
ozzie hoppe - australia
erin doyle - tokyo
greg beck - france
julia bandy - sicily
lila roo duncombe-lieber - maine
ravi patel - india
chris paisley - new zealand
marcia ardito - brazil
rochelle sotter - spain (pt2)
thoralf - portugal
I was so touched by everyones involvement in the project that I created an indepth INDEX along with this,
As the months passed that I worked on this- receiving emails, writing thank you letters, cutting and pasting- I realized that HOW I came about getting these stories was pretty amazing, and that the story about WHO I got them from was just as interesting as the story they told. In fact, the only way that this book was possible is BECAUSE of YOU. Afterall, it was you that encouraged me to travel- and through traveling I'd met all these people. Because of you (and a big thanks to wonderful things like facebook and email that help us stay connected) I was able to email people from every corner of the globe, enlisting their assistance for this project. My friends who helped me complete this project are some of the most spectacular, talented, kind and loving individuals that I have ever met. When I asked for their help, they jumped at the opportunity- after all, they'd ALL heard many a story about MY DAD. It broke my heart that theyd never get to meet the great man, the one who made me who I am. And I was sad too that you would never get to meet these fascinating, fabulous people who have played a huge role in molding me into the woman that I've grown to be. But now, things are looking up- the sun is shining bright over the horizon- and I have high hopes that you'll be sticking around for a good while!! Hopefully you'll be able to meet these wonderful people who contributed to our book!

Merry Christmas Dad.

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