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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Callahan Christmas.

Christmas, to me, is about FAMILY. Sometimes a blessing, sometimes a curse - I come from a HUGE extended family. Sure, my family is just me, Mom & Dad: but my Dad is one of 10 and thats a shitload of loud, outspoken crazies to be all together at the same time. We had a traditional "Callahan Christmas" this year, inspired by my Dad -- something that has not happened in a long, long, long time. I mean really -- with that many people, you are BOUND to have conflicting personalties, and when you add in the intense nature that all the Callahan's have, makes for interesting gatherings. This year we got out unscathed! No big fights, no meltdowns -- we all rallied, fueled by the love we have for my Dad, and had a beautiful Christmas. Today we are having Round 2. Everyone went to church this morning, I was feeling under the weather...cough...cough..., but my cousin Matty told me that he'd pray for my heathen soul, afterall he's tight with J.C. At 12:45 we are all meeting on the beach in Ocean City, where we will spread the ashes of my Aunt Mary, who passed away last year. This will be followed by a relaxing {I hope!} family dinner and some good old-fashioned quality family time.

Here's some photo highlights from last night:

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