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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Here, There and Everywhere.

  • Khmer(Cambodia)[see you later]:"Juab khnia thngay kraoy"
  • Thai (Thailand): "Sawatdi"
  • Burmese (Myanmar) [see you later]: "Twáme naw"
  • Lao (Laos): "La gohn"
  • Vietnamese (Vietnam): "Tạm biệt"
Let the travel begin!!

Tickets have been purchased. No, not to Asia...yet, but I did buy a multi-city

destination for the US. Right after Christmas I leave Philly and land in San Diego.

Hanging with my fabulous friends....surfing, doing lots of Yoga @ the YURT,

and dinner parties galore! I can't wait! I leave on the 8th for SEATTLE to see

my best friend in the whole world, Julia!!! We are going to eat and drink and

eat and drink and eat and drink and cuddle and do YOGAAA. BAH! We also

rented a cabin for a few days with some girlfriends of hers. They are all foodies

as well - so the cabin will be stocked with tons of good food and booze. And

did I mention that the bar in town is snow-shoeing distance away?? I leave

Seattle on the 18th and fly back into Philly. Next my parents and I will be headed

to Key West for bout 10 days to see my Uncle Sean...and then, hopefully

{if my Dad's MRI is good} I'll be headed out FEB 1st for Cambodia. The plan:

Feb, March and April. Starting in Cambodia. I want to work my way up through

Cambodia, over into Thailand, up into Burma, down through Laos and ending

in Vietnam. Boom. May is still a mystery....Morocco, France, Panama, Dominical,

Bali? That's the beauty of it...not knowing what's will just come to me

one day while I'm trekking around Asia. Bah! So excited that I could burst. Everyone

always asks me why I travel, and really- it's to eat delicious and sometimes

not-so-delicious-but-new-and-interesting food, and to meet new people!!

Let the adventures begin...

I've met tons of amazing people over the past year...but here are some highlights....

Ravi Patel, of India, in Quito.

Thoralf, of Germany....who has lived EVERYWHERE, in Costa Rica.

Marek of Poland, in Latacunga

Bar of Israel, in Ecuador.

Chris Del Moro of Italy + California, in Encinitas
Check him out:

Scott of Victoria Canada, in Mexico. Check out his band: Current Swell

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  1. I love that Dominical is on your itinerary, safe and wonderful travels xo