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Monday, December 27, 2010

Nomads, No Houses.

Mom, Dad, Me and LP {he braved the snowstorm yesterday so that he could get snowed in at OUR house} were bundled up on the couch this morning, and I put on a documentary "Running The Sahara". This film was about three diehard athletes who ran the Sahara desert. It took 110 days, they ran every day, for about 12 hours a day. As I said, DIEHARD. About halfway through their intense journey as they were running through the dead and desolate desert, they came across a little boy - all alone. His father had left days before in search of water, and he sat there - and waited. The desert and outskirts of populated cities are scattered with Nomad families...constantly traveling, with no set home. In the movie, the narrator {Matt Damon} read something that really hit home:

"The Nomads value their freedom of movement so much that they believe Houses Are The Graves of the Living."

Well, I'm not knocking houses per se, I absolutely DO enjoy the warm cozy haven of my parents house - but I do have somewhat of a similar feeling towards owning a home of my own, or even staying in one home for any length of time.

...If I live in a Yurt, that doesn't count as a "house" does it....?

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