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Saturday, December 25, 2010


Well, aside from Christmas being about family, it's also usually turns out to be about giving and receiving. When I was a little kid I always preferred the receiving part, but from about 12-on I get the most personal gratification from giving. SO: this is a two part blog. Part One, Receiving. MUCHO thanks to my amazing Mom + Dad for getting me the most RAD christmas gifts!!!!

A CERMAIC Neti Pot!!! I Neti every single day, but the Neti I use is a plastic one from CVS. Yes, the plastic is great for traveling, but this is a beautiful pot that I can use every day at home :)

These beeeeeautiful, comfortable and versatile earrings will DEFINITELY be packed in the single backpack I will travel through Asia with {for 4 months}! Along with the earrings is the beautiful burnt orange "buff" that can be worn as a scarf, headband, etc. etc. etc.!

Tibetan Prayer Flags, Incense and Incense Holder...EPIC.
A Tibetan Singing Bowl!! I first used one of these in California, and I attended a life-changing Sound Meditation as well - which had about 40 of these bowls, all different sizes, going at the same time!! I still haven't figured out how to make mine "Sing" yet, but practice makes perfect!

MORTAR & PESTAL! I usually use the backside of a knife to "grind" my spices. Or a rolling pin. Or a hammer. I'm so thankful for this GORGEOUS marble Mortar & Pestal that I will have forever and ever!

My parents LOATHE the fact that I drink water, fresh from streams, with no filtration! Ha. I assure them that it's fine, but after watching one too many episodes of MONSTERS INSIDE ME on the Discovery Channel they demanded that I stop drinking water that wasn't filtered. This water bottle can clean water from any stream, creek, faucet, etc. !!!!

Around my waist is a money belt, to be worn under your clothes, protecting your important documents {and money}: an ESSENTIAL for travelers. Im resting my head on a sleep-aid, that can be blown up in only TWO BREATHS, and it deflates to roll up into a small little ball. This is perfect for those 11 hour bus rides through the mountain on an uncomfortable, sweaty bus....or the upcoming 14 hour flight to Asia!

Uncle Duke {aka Sean} brought me these GORRRRRRRRRGEOUS handmade socks from South America! They are warm and comfortable and totally cute!!

BUT, the best gift of all, has been My Dad. A goddamn CHRISTMAS MIRACLE. Against all odds, he is living. He should be dead, the doctors can't explain it or fathom how or why - but here he is. So MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME!!!
The Man, The Myth, The Legend:
My Dad.
{with his buttered + jammed toast!}

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