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Friday, December 3, 2010

SVP in the House.

Scottie V.I.P.
Scott Van Pelt is a good friend that I met in Costa Rica. He was managing the local bar in Oeste where we both lived. Currently he is in Isla Cantadora in Panama...and will be moving to Cambodia in a few months. He wanted to meet my Dad, so he "popped in" for the past three days. Well, it's been great to have him here - and just as I figured, him and my Dad get along like peas and carrots. It was sad to see him go today, and so soon, but not to worry - I know that we will cross paths sometimes in the near future. Adventures in Cambodia? Yes, I believe so!

Scott's Menu, hanging on the fridge.

As per his request, I made some epic Venison LASAGNA :)

SVP and Me do the OC Boardwalk!

Sleeeeeeepy, and full. Big dinner and then big breakfast. Bah.

Dad and SVP...buddies.

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