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Thursday, December 16, 2010

John DiGenni Says...

My friend John DiGenni is hands down the funniest person that I know. I have NEVER been around him when he hasn't had me laughing...he even keeps me laughing while I'm outta town via facebook messages. After reading my blog about feeling "uncool" in NYC, and how analyzing the new movie, Black Swan, was completely beyond me - he wrote me this great email:

"Haha I like you're last post. I've found myself in the same situation once or twice. 7million people in that town and no one to hang with!! Also, the feeling of not feeling cool enough during some gatherings. Don't worry, soon it just turns to contempt hahaha
In situations where you find yourself hanging with over educated, over analytical or just pretentious art jerks. I'll share a few universal key phrases that I use when backed into a conversation I could careless about or not know-less about--

1. The influences seem too muddled for me to decipher where they're going with this.
2. I loved it. It was amazing. Total genius. Can I go now?
3. It brings up a lot of feelings that I'm not ready to share. Where's the bathroom?

Have fun on the rest of your trip and you're welcome."

I hope that everyone has a John DiGenni friend like I do....they just make life better.

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  1. Ha ahaha I just googled myself looking for an old article I wrote and this was the first thing to pop up!