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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Hey friends!!! I will no longer be blogging from ....but from now on will just be writing from my website  :  You can get a direct link to my blog by clicking HERE.  xoxoxooxoxoxoo CAILIN

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Subtractive Universe.

The other day when I was sitting with Erica Taxin Bleznak , she was talking about how the path is *subtractive* : We always want to add, but rather it's in the stripping away that you find the path- bliss- peace- joy. Most believe that by adding more you'll have more - but really you'll only have more to carry around with you. Abraham-Hicks said that : "You don't have to work at being in the high vibration that is natural to you, because it is natural to you. But you do have to stop holding the thoughts that cause you to lower your vibration. It's a matter of no longer giving your attention to things that don't allow your cork to float or don't allow you to vibrate in harmony with who you really are." What could you strip away? How can you simplify? What is keeping you from your innate bliss and perfection? How exciting that there is nothing more to add! You are already perfect....always, all ways! Pattahbi Jois said that "With practice, all is coming", and I agree but I also believe what my tantra teacher told me, which is that "With SURRENDER all is coming." Have a beautiful day friends!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Mondays with Michael

I'm so grateful for my Monday mornings with Michael. After teaching my 6am class and before my 10am I stop by and visit with Michael. He's a student of mine, but I'm also a student of his. I have learned so much from our mornings together... sipping tea, reading inspiring books, shifting perspective, talking about *ideas*, and sometimes crying a bit. Today we went on an adventure that involved beach plums, a beat up truck, singing with Margerito, and mosquitoes the size of birds. Michael is one of the few people who challenges me to *rise up*, and I'm so grateful that on a day where I woke up so sad that I was reminded by my dear friend and teacher that life is beautiful. And so it is. Aho. 

Pain + Power

Pain and power go hand in hand.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Super Moon

This super moon is making me fucking mental.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Aum Aim Shrim Hrim Shrim Bhuvaneshwari Namaha
Sydney and Lainey embracing the partner yoga practice theme of the night
Love and Laughter
TWINSIES!!! Jennifer and Indira!
Card-Making, Love-Sharing
BHUVANESHWARI is the Queen Goddess of the Universe. She helps us to create space, hold space, and share in love. I have been enjoying both series that I've been leading this year. I love working TOWARDS something, with a collective, consistent group. I especially like the challenges that I've given to myself as a teacher - which makes for lots of work, but the payoff is Divine! Thanks to everyone who has come out this summer! This week will be the 6th and final series for Yin and Devis! 

Climbing Mountains...

Well, what a challenging day. Literally, on all planes...physically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally.....there were tears, lots of em. I woke up exhausted. My challenge in this lifetime is learning how to say NO, but as of lately I have not been succeeding with this. My body was tired...every limb. My heart was feeling depleted and I was just foggy. Then, I had to have a small procedure in the morning which left me in way more pain than I had anticipated. I drove away from the doctors nearly doubled over in pain. En route to meet my lovely accountant, I ran into an old flame - which rocked me (more than I had anticipated). For me, there was still a lot of love there despite the messiness of it all. It brought up all of my relationship fears

  • not being lovable
  • not being beautiful
  • not being worthy of love, and
  • rejection

Bleh. Add onto that I felt like my uterus was falling out, and I spilled the (delicious)(extremely hot) coffee on myself when I got back into my car. Get it together Cailin. Okay, then with my accountant - whom is my dear friend Pam Tracey, thank GOD for that. We spent three hours together, and the information was a bit more confusing, involved, and complicated than I had anticipated (are you noticing the trend here...). She might as well have been speaking fucking Chinese. It brought up a lot of fears for me....

  • I am not strong enough to carry my own company
  • I am too disorganized
  • I'm not smart enough
  • I have bitten off way more than I can chew
  • I'm going to end up in the poor house

I got into my car and cried the whole way to my Aunt Megans house. I cried into the delicious eggplant parm that she'd made for me, and then I got my shit together and cried a few tears on my way to teach my evening YIN workshop. Go figure, we were working along the Kidney + Urinary Bladder Meridian, which is associated with FEAR, and it's counterpart....WISDOM. When you shift into your wisdom, your perspective shifts and you are able to move out of fear. I love teaching....because it teaches me. Thank you to the Universe for guiding this lesson plan into my path, and for providing me with all of the books, teachers, quotes, poems and bits of inspiration that were able to add to, inspire and invoke my inner WISDOM.

"If you knew of a spectacular mountain that was very, 
very tall, yet climbable. And if it was well established 
that from its peak, you could literally see all the love that 
bathes the world, dance with the angels, and party with the gods. 
Would you curse or celebrate each step you took
 as you ascended it?

life is that mountain and each day a step. 

Perspectives change everything,
Love, The Universe

PS: Fear not. Last time I checked,  you were so close to the top 
they were taking your toga measurements."
(Mike Dooley....Notes from the Universe)

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Marlon + Jason

Today was Marlon and Jason's wedding. Jason is Jim and Eileen Bourgeious' son, and he and his partner have been together for 8 years now. The ceremony was beautiful and the after party was a blast.

Cards Against Humanity

Wow-- I played CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY last night (after a couple margaritas) and I gotta say, I have never laughed so hard. I can't wait to get this card game and take it on the road with me. Totally inappropriate and incredibly funny! Thanks to the Kernans for being such great hosts!


A good guy is hard to find.
I know, I've been looking for one for a long.ass.time.

And though I have been open to having a partner, I can honestly say that I have been content (for the most part) being single (most days). Over the past few years I was never that impressed with the quality of love, affection, dedication or fidelity that was being given to all of my beautiful goddess girlfriends. But now, I have to acknowledge, that there are some STELLAR men out there that are taking GREAT care of all of the Divine ladies that I love. This morning I went out to breakfast with my darling Daniela and her husband, Drew. He treated all of us ladies like princesses, but you can tell by the way he talks, interacts, and cares for Daniela that she is truly his Queen. My best friend Bridgets husband, John, told her that she should do the month long teacher training in Mexico (despite the fact that they have a 10 month old baby), and that they would go down and figure it out as a family. He watches Isla on Fridays so that we can have "girl time" and always makes sure that his ladies are taken care of. Jimmy Bourgeious is ALWAYS treating his Queen Bee, Eileen, like the goddess that she is....Bill is tender and fierce with his love for Deb, and the list could go on....
Drew treated his ladies to an EPIC breakfast at OC Surf Cafe. 

Drew + his Queen Daneila...and his two other hot dates, me and Jennifer Kirch!! 

In a time when I thought that Chivalry was dead, there are a few men who are stepping up and showering their women with the love, respect and admiration that they deserve. It gives me hope...and makes me feel excited about partnership. Thanks guys for being such GOOD GUYS. 

Golden Buddha Gear

I came into class today and nearly half the class had GBY gear on!!!!! It was so awesome!!! The gear is going fast so get it while the gettin' is good!! 


  1. the food or other substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition.
    "tubers from which plants obtain nourishment"

The things that nourish me the most are....

1. Yoga
2. Fresh vegetables
3. Salt water + Surf sessions
4. Music
5. Good Friends

I am especially grateful that my friend Kat made it down this weekend and we got to spend some quality time together. My heart is feeling stronger after just a few hours reconnecting with my dear friend. 

Friday, August 1, 2014

Yoga in the Vines

I taught this morning at Willow Creek Winery. We all practiced amongst the vines and then Bridget and I had our own little photo shoot afterwards! Every Friday 10am!

HipHop Yoga!

Crazy successful night of HipHop Yoga!!! I love my job, I love my community!! Thank you Thank you!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Friday Fun!

Two times to have fun with me this Friday!!!

Every FRIDAY at Willow Creek Winery....a soothing flow in the vineyard followed by a glass of sangria. I hope to see you!!

This FRIDAY August 1st at Yoga Dog in Linwood....HIP HOP YOGA!!! Booty pop, hip hop and holla your way to pure bliss!!!!! This will be my last HipHop workshop of the season (except for August 15th down in north wildwood atItswell Yoga). Please reserve your spot by messaging Steve Mullen at YogaDog or messaging me! Class is 6-8pm and $30 <3 span="">



Last night at Dragonfly Wellness Studio in Week 4 of the Devis + Dharma series we invoked the goddess DHUMAVATI...exploring the power of suffering, sucking and sadness as a means to step into your highest self and continue along the path of a higher spiritual evolution. Why is everyone so fearful of failure? What does it even mean to fail? How do you talk to yourself when you are in the vibration of failure? Can you meet yourself with compassion? Love? Thanks to all of the epic ladies that came out, you are POWERFUL AND AMAZING.

DHUM DHUM DHUMAVATI SVAHA  Last nights meditation altar for Dhumavati: the goddess who manifests through disappointment and frustration, whose gifts can show us the path to higher awareness that comes in times of disappointment and loss. The Bhagavad Gita says "Peace follows renunciation". Normally though the renunciation is, in a sense, forced on us by having things we counted on fall away. A relationship ends, a child leaves, a job dissolves, you lose your health. But sometimes in a moment when the worst happens, you discover an enormous dignity and peace in simply standing in what you are. (Big thanks to Sally Kemptons book "Awakening Shakti" for the inspiration for this series!!!). Next week is BHUVANESHWARI)

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

northwest sliding

Check out SHE AND THE SEA...a creative journey of sliding soul sisters through the coasts of oregon to canada! 


Tuesday, July 22, 2014


CRAZY INSANE EXCITED for the 3rd installment of my 6 week Devis + Dharma series at Dragonfly Wellness! Wednesday 6pm-8pm we will be tapping into **KALI**, the goddess of Death, Destruction and New Beginnings. Step into your power, release what is no longer necessary, and begin the new journey!  There is limited space so please call and reserve your spot. (Also, FYI there is a transformational breathing workshop from 5-6pm, so no need to arrive too early as the space will be occupied right up until we begin class.)

Blogging Hiatus....

Hey peeps! I have been hearing from lots of people about my lack of blogging. There are so many amazing things that I have been reading, discovering, uncovering, expanding on, and diving into -- but I have been pouring all of this love, dedication and inspiration into my classes. To share via the blog just hasn't felt right, almost as if I am disrespecting the sacred space that I have been creating with these beautiful communities in the studio. So, forgive me! When I start traveling again then I will be back on the once-a-day blogging, but for now, all of my time and energy is going into my classes, retreats and trainings.

I would LOVE for you to support my dear friend JOSEPHINE by visiting her amazing sacred space of storytelling , and more specifically check out our dear friend Georgias story:

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Yoga and Wine!!

I have been loving teaching at WILLOW CREEK WINERY down in Cape May every Friday!! 10am $25 gets you a class and a glass of sangria!