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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Reality of Today.

Tonight I watched the new movie, INCEPTION, with Leonardo DiCaprio. At it's conclusion my single thought was "What the F just happened, I am so F*ing confused." In short, the movie is about dreams - and a lot of conflict coming from the difficulty in differentiating dreams from reality, and more specifically - memories from reality. It made me think about how this relates to my life right now. So often I forget the reality of the past and instead focus on the memories -- memories being something that I personally created, therefore most of the time we choose to only focus on those that are good. Christ, it was a year ago-to-date that Shawn and I called it quits - yet I still have trouble coming to peace with the split. Was it the right decision? Did I make a mistake? In retrospect, was it really that bad? Was I truly unhappy? Am I better off now? My mind dreams up the happy memories we had, focusing on the good times and the positive aspects of our relationship. There is an ebb and a flow to this, and right now it seems to be weighing heavy on my mind...all the days.

From what I was able to grasp, as the movie is ending we realize that living in our dreams, in the memories of our past - well, it's simply no good. No good for your sanity, nor is it good for the well-being of those close to you. You must make amends with your memories and start living for today and for your future. As difficult as this may be, I'm going to try to start living for today....first thing tomorrow morning!

Memories shouldn't be forgotten, but they should not replace your reality of today.

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