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Friday, June 28, 2013

Curing Candida.

Curing candida. It's not going to be easy, but as far as I am concerned - there is no other option. I am particularly inspired after reading Paul Pitchfords "Healing with Whole Foods" (a HUGE thank you to Erika Sal for sharing this book with me...and a huge thanks to everyone out there who has offered up love, support, supplements and information with me as well!). Pitchford writes...

"Candidiasis is the overgrowth of Candida yeast-like fungi in the body. Candida exists in high levels in individuals with weak immune systems, although it is normal to have some candida present. A healthy digestive system has ample Lactobacillus acidophilus and other intestinal microorganisms which are indispensable to proper nutrient absorption. Candida has an opposite effect in the digestive tract, inhibiting proper assimilation of essential amino acids and other nutrients. What follows in cadidiasis is the weakening of immunity as well as the entire organism.

The yeast does not always confine itself to the digestive tract. It slips through weakened areas in the gut lining, or can be spread from the body into the sexual organs (especially in women), and from those areas into the blood and other body tissues. Such migrations of candida through the entire system, usually termed "systematic candidiasis", is life-threatening if untreated, and is though by some to be the cause of death in Aids and various other viral-related degenerative illnesses. Candidiasis is the root cause of all major diseases. 

Serious yeast infestations tax the immune system to the point where it cannot respond to invading viruses or other harmful substances. Immunity ultimately breaks down, which opens the way for autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and lupus, as well as diseases of immune devastation including AIDS and cancer."

 My Dad was one of ten. He died of a brain tumor, he has two sisters suffering from MS, one sister with breast cancer, one sister with Chrons, another with fibromyalgia....and the list goes on. Now a days we hear more and more about people having cancer...and I believe this is because sugar is in absolutely EVERYTHING that we eat. Even if we are just eating carbs, those carbohydrates break down into sugar. Many people are curing themselves by going on a plant based diet -- and being on a plant based diet is a diet similar to the candida cleanse, one which strips any and all foods that would feed yeast. It all makes too much sense to me to NOT continue on this path for the next two years - and then ultimately maintain this major lifestyle change as far as my eating and drinking habits. The most common response that I have gotten from people when they hear about my diet is...

"I give you a week before you're over it..."
"You'll never be able to do it!"
"Isn't there just a pill you can take or something?"

Now, maybe it's my liver cleanse speaking (I was told that doing a liver cleanse can make one a bit angry and irritable) but I would really love to kick you assholes in the shin when you respond with those statements. I'm not crazy! Yes it's one of the hardest things I've ever done! No, it's not convenient! No it's not cheap! Yes, it is stressful and exhausting! But what is the alternative? To live in deteroriating health as I age? Or to have a life cut short? Absolutely not. I love my life WAY to much to have any days that are less than perfect or anything but full. So, if you were one of those people who made one of those statements, you're forgiven. But a little bit of support would be much appreciated. It's not easy giving up all of your favorite things simultaneously - and not only that, but I've also been quite ill as the candida dies-off. I have gotten horrible rashes, insane headaches, horrible fatigue all over my body, and the most recent is breaking out into cold clammy sweats. But it's worth it, I'M worth it, and I thank you for your support on this journey ahead. And look at it on the bright cooking has been and will continue to be getting more and more creative as I look for ways to keep this healthy cleanse interesting...the recipes all of which I will share. To the many people who have been reaching out to me since my first blog post about it, stay strong and stay tuned. I'll be updating with lots of recipes and insights as I go to help you along as well.

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