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Monday, June 3, 2013

Shake (the sadness) Out.

Last night, or should I say yesterday late afternoon, I headed to La Costa with Brooke and Grace to 'dance the sadness' off. We went for Jerry Blavet, who has been entertaining down these parts for centuries (literally, he's a million years old). Dancing inside with all the old timers at 5pm with a buzz on was fun, but better yet was when we migrated outside and danced it up with my buddies Eric and Tully. As Florence (and the Machine) says, "Shake It Out, Shake It Out...Shake It Out, Shake It Out"...

"Stop Being So Religious"


Do sad people have in


It seems

They have all built a shrine

To the past

And often go there

And do a strange wail and


What is the beginning of


It is to stop being

So religious

Like That.


Brookie, Grace and Me

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