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Sunday, June 23, 2013


Who is MC Yogi? He's a man with a message. Nicholas Giacomini is a reformed-bad-boy, yoga-teaching-sweet-talking-hip-hopping spiritual warrior who preaches giving love and living in love. His classes are a nourishing flow that he teaches in his Adidas sneaks, while beat boxing lyrical messages from the Gita through the mic. He weaves the most beautiful and moving stories into your asana practice and no matter how tired your body or spirit may be, he has the power to inspire. It's not just inspiration to physically ask more of yourself, but to ask more of yourself from a spiritual and emotional level. Give Love. Be Love. Share Love...with others and with yourself. He is humble, and kind- and he gives a mean high five. He looks every person in the eye who approaches them, and always has a kind word and a smile. His songs aren't only something great to flow to, dance to, or groove to- but they are also a history lesson into the core of yoga and the beautiful Hindu religion. A Ghandi-devotee who loves his beautiful wifey and hip hop music...I'm sold. A beautiful soul with a beautiful message. So tune in, listen up and enjoy. 

DJ Drez and MC Yogi

GIVE LOVE ! Rachel and Me @ the MC Yogi Concert

The Man. 

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