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Saturday, June 22, 2013

MC Yogi and DJ Drez

riding the ski lift in the middle of summer
pedicures make ya feel good
MC YOGI and the Family.
Hanumanasana in MC Yogis flow...
In between Gabrielle Bernsteins talk and our next class, Jaime and I hopped on the ski lift and just did a lap...up to the top of the mountain and the ride back down. It was beautiful and sunny and a nice dose of some super fresh air. Then....drum roll please....MC YOGI AND DJ DREZ. I've never "liked" a DJ, or really KNOWN of a DJ to "like" for that matter. But I will follow DJ Drez wherever he goes. His beats, his mixing...everything--- it's intoxicating. And then the singer/yogi hiphopper MC Yogi and his smokin' sweet wifey Amanda led us through an awesome flow. It was so high energy and so much fun. We were jumping and shouting and dancing and crying and laughing. The music that Drez was spinning was coaxing the emotions out of you, and MC Yogi was threading together the most beautiful stories which was so moving. We took a family photo after class and you could really feel the love. Woke up this morning exhausted and grateful. Ready for day 3....

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