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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Rice + Curry (Re)Creation

Rice and Curry! Dal, String Beans, Okra, Coconut Sambol, Potatoes and Rice!
I attempted to recreate my favorite (Sri lankan) meal the other night..rice and curry! It required lots of prep and slicing and dicing, but it was worth every second of it. I ran into some road blocks...unable to find curry leaves or fresh coconuts, but alas, I was resourceful- some shortcuts were made- and in the end, it tasted pretty damn good! And in true Sri Lankan fashion we ate with our hands- because, quite frankly, it just tastes better that way!

The night ended up Rob and I getting pretty buzzed, putting on some epic Israeli music, and dancing around the kitchen like crazy people. We danced so hard that one of the cast iron pots fell off the wall and *broke*. A small casualty for the amount of fun we had...

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