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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Radiance Sutra #102

Radiance Sutra #102:

"It's always the same,
Barbarians and blockheads,
Rival queens and kings,
The drama rolls on and on.
When people honor you,
You are supposed to feel honored.
When you don't get respect, they expect
You to sulk in indignation.
One minute you are cruising on a throne in the sky,
The best you are standing on some bleak patch of dirt.

I say, the Sun regards all with a steady eye.
The force sustaining Earth and Sky
Calls everyone to awaken from this trance.
This whole world revolves around an axis, and I am that.
When you are friends with the Friend to All Beings
Nothing is the same.
Rich beyond measure, abundant beyond counting,
You can move through this life laughing.
Opinions of others have no rulership over you."

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