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Saturday, June 7, 2014


There are 6 qualities of consciousness (base principles of life). The third is PURNATVA, which translates as "fullness" or "perfection". We are born in perfection and fullness. It is our truth, our essence. And not only are we perfect and full, but there is always more- because as we grow and expand, so do our boundaries-- we are NOT limited. The only thing that keeps us from our innate perfection and fullness are OUR OWN limiting beliefs. The 6th stage is RAHASYA, which is the concept that only 1/4 of existence is revealed to us, the other 3/4 is concealed. Think of an iceberg, though only a small bit of the tip is available for us to see, there is SO much more beneath it. Rahasya supports Purnatva in that we are full and complete but there is always opportunity for growth and expansion. Are you with me still? Rahasya demonstrates that we live in a layered existence. So the blindfolded practice today was about honoring the process of continual revelation and stepping into your worth. By removing our sight we must listen to our inner voice which guides us to our inner essence, which reaffirms that we ARE complete and perfect-- and it reveals so much to us that is unavailable when we are moving from an ego-state. Ya dig?

The practice was AMMMMAZING. Everyone that showed up SHOWED *UP*, and the class ended with everyone crying tears of openness and compassion. It was such a treat to guide people in this journey and I'm over-the-moon-excited for tomorrow's ECSTATIC SELF-LOVE workshop. I started the day with coffee with Jamie, and then finished the day cruising the town on bikes with my Uncle. We swam, lunched, biked, swam, explored, socialized, biked, and hit up an art gallery. The highlight though was stopping in my uncles gallery and seeing the beautiful painting that he did of my fathers hands holding some key limes. The photo had been taken a few months before my dad died, and to see the painting in person was incredibly special. So grateful for this abundant day!

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