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Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Well, my 5 hour layover in Toronto was not only bearable, but incredibly enjoyable thanks to my new friend Nikki. I was excited about arriving at the airport because I saw online that it had a spa where you could get mani/pedis. My feet and fingers were atrocious...really, incredibly horrible. Unfortunately, I was told that they only have one of those spas on the domestic side of the airport. Ahhh. And so I felt a bit defeated as I walked around, trying to figure out what to do with all of this time and these terrible toes. Well, just as I had that thought I came around the corner and there was MAC Cosmetics. Now I am NOT a makeup girl, but I'm sure some of you remember my blog about being "grown up" enough now to wear lipstick. And so, I figured id kill some time playing around with lipstick. Two crazy lipsticks later and I started talking to "Niki". Niki is a sassy mamacita that knows her way around cosmetics. She has a huge smile, gives a great hug, and is sincerely outgoing and engaging. I told her about my mani/pedi dilemma, and she just pulled some nail polishes for me, pointed to a seat, and told me to just have at it! I painted my fingers and toes as she helped makeover all of the jet-lagged ladies that strolled in. I even dipped out for a minute to buy her a coffee because she was the only one manning the floor of a dozen make-up-hungry-mamas. Well, a little gesture goes a long way I suppose, because I went from getting star-treatment to ultimate-VIP care, with all the bells and whistles. I spent about 2 hours hanging in the MAC stand, gussying myself up, parading around in bright colored lipsticks, and applying different rosey shades to my cheeks. We talked about travel, guys, and our transformation from tom-boys to sassy-ladies. In the past I ragged on makeup, but I think I kinda like it! It felt really playful to adorn my body and celebrate femininity. I'm so grateful to have met Niki and explore an afternoon of beauty that I would have never indulged in otherwise!

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