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Sunday, June 8, 2014


My Uncle might very well be one of the most animated and down-right-pee-your-pants-funny guys that I've ever met. He reminds me SO much of my Dad...not just the way he looks (the blue eyes, the beard, the eyebrows, the hair, the nose, etcetc) but he also has the same mannerisms, gestures, dance moves and impatience. I love this man to the moon and back and we have had more fun than a barrel of monkeys these past few days. I nearly killed him with all of the yoga, bike riding, swimming and healthy eating-- he swore to me twice that he was having a stroke, but alas- he prevailed and not only survived, but actually really enjoyed himself!! We have laughed so much these past few days, but the most magical moments were the afternoons when we would just float in the sea next to each other, watching the fishes swim around us. I think we both could feel my Dad around us, and moving through each of us. His company has brought me so much joy this week and I am grateful for every moment that we were able to spend together. I plan to be back in Key West late February, and hopefully will be doing some collaboration work with this special man.....!

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