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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Feasting with Friends.

Petter, Linn and I had a brief encounter in Indonesia several years ago-- only to bump into each other in Sri Lanka last year, and to continually connect through our parallel lives of travel, adventure, and surfing. We have mutual friends from around the world, and it's one of those love affairs that the Universe is setting in your lap. So it was only natural that we connected in their home country of Sweden. Petter, Linn and their dog Mali ("Malibu Rainbow" hahaha) met Fredrik and I at a surf break that was a few hours south of Varberg. It was like being reunited with dear old friends, not missing a beat! We surfed some choppy albeit fun waves for some time before packing it up and heading to Tokelrov (I think that's right...), which is a little seaside village where the couple grew up. Petters family owns a restaurant here that is *divine*. We lunched on a salmon tartare dish to start and then had a roasted fish, fennel, potato dish that was fucking amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Fredrik left us, headed back home and back to work, and left me in the hands of the Toremalm family. We walked around the tiny town, chatted over coffee, and walked to the Seacliff to watch the sunset. And the food adventures were to continue...Petter, his wonderful father Jarl, his baby sister Svea, Linn and I then dined up a most epic dinner!! We had filet over greens that had a bit of an Asian flair to it and it was to.die.for. But it didn't stop there, for of course there was the most perfect bottles of wine that were being poured as well. We told stories, sang songs, and laughed- and laughed- and laughed. I went to bed smiling and I woke up smiling. My visit to Sweden has been short, but incredibly sweet, and I am totally enchanted by the chic yet earthy little slice of the world. I cannot wait to come back!! And I especially cannot wait for my next meal with the Toremalms!

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