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Friday, February 18, 2011


Sinville. Skankville. Sexville. Call it whatever you'd like-- it is simply NOT the place for me. Beautiful Cambodia, the country that I have come to know and love over these past few weeks, should totally disown this town. This town drags em down. Bleh. Within moments of arriving at the overcrowded beaches, we were bombarded- no...ATTACKED, but peddlers. Pushing manicures, threading, hair braiding, bracelets and massages- they wouldn't take no for an answer. We mozied down the beach to attempt to find any spot that was a but more mellow. Just when we thought we'd found a somewhat decent spot to relax, Gillian got up to jump in the ocean- missing a used needle and syringe that was lying in the sand by only a centimeter!! Old fat men with prostitutes scattered the beaches, as did young drunk men looking to get laid. We heard that SnookieVille was bad, by we didn't think that it would live up to the stories we'd heard...

I have only 4 days left- not enough time to venture elsewhere. I'd hate to end my amazing trip to Cambodia on a bad note so I've decided to plan a trip onto one of the outlying islands ASAP. Im going to eat obscene amounts of delicious, fresh, inexpensive seafood- and im going to drink myself silly so that I can laugh and the nonsense of this town.

Just booked 2 nights on an island, "lazy beach", along with 3 days of snorkeling. No Internet, so no updates for a bit. Wish me luck!

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