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Monday, February 21, 2011

Island Life: Dirty Dogs

There's mama and papa, and their children...Flea Bag 1 & 2 (FB1&FB2 for short). They are so goddamn cute and so very sweet, I cuddle them constantly despite being infested with fleas. This country is FULL of puppies- but every dog and young pup runs from humans. It drives me crazy! So to my delight, when we arrived at the island there were puppies- that ran TO me instead of AWAY. They are absolutely adorable and they all have the sweetest demeanor. Tonight we experienced an insane tropical storm- with horrendous wind, torrential downpour and insane thunder and lightening. Of course, we invited the wet fleabags to take refuge in our bungalow. They are quivering under the beds as I type this up on my iPhone!! Tomorrow they will wake with me, accompany me to the bathroom, then the dock for yoga and then they'll sit at my feet while I enjoy breakfast. I feel really at home on this island. Beautiful sea, fresh fish, lovely people and lovely dogs. What more do you need?!

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