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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Rabbit Island.

Why it's called Rabbit Island, I have no idea; it contains no rabbits and the island in no way resembles one. But the water is crystal clear + warm, and the sunshine is bright- a perfect place for an afternoon jaunt. The TukTuk picked us up a little before 9 and dropped us at the boats. Some people had their packs with them- they'd be staying overnight in one of the huts. When we arrived on shore, Tom, Gillian and I decided to go exploring and walk all the way around the island. On our way I recognized a woman from Tree Top and invited her to join us. Marsha, a photographer from the US, is the first American traveler that I have met since I've arrived in Southeast Asia. We were having a nice walk until Tom started screaming. The six foot six giant was squealing like a girl because he'd brushed into some fire ants. I couldn't help myself...I began to laugh and simply couldn't stop! I was laughing so hard that I almost pee'd my dang pants. He's freaking out. I attempted to calm Jim a bit and assured him that we were close to the beach and we'd rinse off in a minute. Then, he howls again. "there's something stuck in my foot....I can't walk! I can't walk!!!" My first reaction- laughter. Followed by the thought, what a pussy! Gillian and marsha also responded with laughter- 3 tough women totally taken off guard by the dramatic reaction of this extremely tall man. Needless to say, we busted his balls for the rest of the day. Turns out that we couldn't walk all the way around the island and had to have one of the local fisherman take us around back to the main beach. We all enjoyed a swim and some good conversation- then Gilly and I set off for a beachside massage. I had a one hour coconut oil massage, right on the beach with the beautiful breeze, for $7. It was heavenly. Absolutely heavenly. Enjoyed our remaining time on the island before catching the 4pm shuttle boat back to Kep. We are salty and sandy and sleepy. All of us are enjoying our beverages of choice (me: hot tea with milk, gilly: hot Ginger tea with lemon, and Tom: iced coffee with milk). We are gonna rest up, shower up, then head back to the crab market for some fresh crabs and prawns!

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