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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Where the fuck ARE we?!?

Had a lovely morning, followed by a very successful and enjoyable shopping extravaganza @ the Russian Markets. Had a few Important errands to run this afternoon- important because they can only be done in Phnom Penh. We hired a TukTuk to take us around. The problem with TukTuks in P.P. is that none of them know where the hell they are going- but they are so desperate for business that when you say "do you know where blah-blah-blah is?" they respond "oh yes yes yes- have you there right away." So...on a tight schedule, we drive circles, literally circles, around PP...not reaching even ONE of our THREE destinations. We jump out of the TukTuk- decide to abandon the errands- and just go to the spa. TukTuk picks us up, assuring us that he knows where this spa is. Well-- many circles later, we jump out again- because this guy has no fuckin idea where he's going. At this point, we are done with TukTuks- we decide to walk somewhere and just get our legs waxed. We find somewhere that reads "leg hair removal." We are led to a back room, and Gillian strips down. The beautician approaches her with a bottle of Nair- yes, Nair- the pink bottle that you experimented with in grade school. "Who wears short shorts? Nair wears short shorts." Yeah, not so much. We run outta that place. By this point, hours have passed with nothing accomplished. I'm sweating, stinky, pissed off and still hairy! I demand that we abandon our mission and get a goddamn drink. Tequila will ease my tension. We get a moto to the riverside, and opt to navigate the rest if the way by ourselves. End up in Cantina for a margarita, then the FMCG schmany FCC for a mojito. Now- I feel no pain. Headed to Paddy Rices in a bit to play some music with the boys.

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