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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Phnom Penh

Well, we've arrived in Phnom Penh. It is crowded, and the complete opposite really of Ban Lung. I'm excited to be here and mix it up a bit. After we arrived, there was a bit of confusion at the guest house we arranged, so we ended up at a different place on the other side of town. TAT guesthouse is owned by a Khmer woman, Tati, and her family. It's got computers, wifi, a rooftop restaurant with good prices, and it's chock full of travel guides and information. Our room is huge, with two double beds, and a nice balcony- it has fans and a shower with hot water. It's $10/night, so $5each. It is slightly outside the heart of town, so it keeps the noise down. We settled in, cleaned up, and then headed to town for a nice dinner. We shared two appetizers: the most amazing bruschetta I've ever had ($2) and marinated olives ($2). We both had the entree special, Filet Mignon wrapped in bacon, topped with an outstanding, lipsmacking goat cheese sauce. It came with steamed asparagus and french fries. The price? $7!!! We sipped Gin and Tonics ($2.5) and then red wine (also $2.5). For dessert: chocolate mousse ($3) which was divine, and fresh coconut ice cream ($1.50). The meal was DELICIOUS - and even better was that Gillian treated me to this special evening!! As we were finishing up, we heard music coming from the bar next door and decided to mozy over for a listen. The guys were tearing it up- old blues and rock and roll. There was Ken on harmonica and steve on guitar- as well as several others. After they finished, a younger guy (Rory), got up and played some amazing Stones covers. I found out that it was a sort of 'open mic', so I asked if I could get up. Well, my music was well received. After I left the mic, the boys who'd been playing called me over. Ken has lived here for 12 years, Steve for 6 years, and Rory for a couple months. Apparently this was where the local expats hung and played. They were a great group of guys and it was a pleasure getting to know them. Ken offered to lineup a few gigs for me, and as I was leaving the owner asked if I like to line up a few nights to play. Ha. How about it. Atleast now I know that if I want to live in Cambodia that I'll have a job, and a good group of musician friends. It was past midnight by the time we got home, and though Gilly went right to bed- I made the mistake of cracking open SHANTARAM. A few hours later I FORCED myself to close the book and get a few hours of shut was difficult to do. Woke up by 7am, did some yoga and now I'm up on the rooftop having tea and a banana shake. I have NO clothes because they are all in the laundry, so I'm wearing the same thing I've had on for the past 3 days! We are headed to the Russian Markets in a bit for some and then a leisurely day bopping around the city: eating, hitting up a spa, eating, sipping coffee, and shopping. Tonight I'm headed to Paddy Rices to play some music with the boys!

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  1. Cailin- not sure if you've ever read this blog, but it made me think of you and thought you'd enjoy it! Take care Miss Globetrotter!