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Sunday, February 27, 2011

No Sleep Til Chiang Mai.

My sleeping schedule is so out of whack right now. This town never sleeps, and the music is bumping til about 4:30 in the morning. At 1am, our hostels courtyard is full of all it's tenants: on the Internet, drinking beers, or heading out for a meal on the streets. We don't even Head Out for dinner until 10pm! Usually I'd have been asleep for almost an hour! Not in Bangkok. We left for dinner around 10pm, to adorable vegetarian/vegan restaurant that we'd discovered on a back alley earlier in the day. Mick had Panang Curry with brown rice and a mixed fruit shake. I had traditional Arab mint and lemon iced tea, a big green salad, and a side of hummus. So delicious!! We were there for just under three hours...a lovely, leisurely dinner. I'm so grateful to have Mick as a travel partner. He is so easy to just...BE with. I feel completely relaxed and able to be myself. The conversation flows effortlessly, as does the laughter. We got home and I decided to do some yoga. At 1am I rolled out my mat in the dark foyer of the building next door. I has Bonobo BLARING through my headphones- drowning out the 10 different songs that were bumping from surrounding bars. It was raining outside and there were spurts of lightening. It was hot, and the humidity was weighing down on me like a heavy winter blanket. I began with a 20minute meditation. When I was finished I had a thick coat of sweat all over my body. Then- it began. An hour and a half of intense, flowing, dedicated YOGA. The sweat was pouuurrring off of me by the bucketful. I ended with viparita karani (legs up the wall), savasana, and then a refreshing headstand (which in getting pretty damn good at!). It was 3am when I jumped into the shower to rinse off, and about 315 when I crawled into bed. Mick was fast asleep, and I was hoping that a deep sleep was in my near future as well. No such luck. BEEP: Micks watch letting me know it was 4am. BEEP: Micks watch letting me know it was 5am. Fuck. BEEP: Micks watch letting me know it was 6am. Fucking christ- you're KIDDING me!!!???!!! Im tired. I want sleep. It's hot. I'm sweaty. My pillow is uncomfortable. Pillow on the bed, pillow off the bed. Sleeping on my right side. Roll over- left side. On my back, on my stomach....covered in sweat. Fell asleep sometime before 7, had a vivid disturbing nightmare and then was up by 915am. Great. Surrendered to the insomnia and came downstairs to Skype my parents and Julia. Had a cup of tea. Had an iced coffee. Headed out now for some chai and espresso. When I crash, I'm gonna crash hard.

6pm...catch the 13hr night train to Chiang Mai. Oh yeah, waited too long to buy a ticket and missed out on one of the beds. Sleeping in a seat. Brilliant.

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