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Monday, February 28, 2011

Sa Wat Dii Kha Chiang Mai!

Hello Chiang Mai!!! Mick and I are SO thankful to be out of busy, boozey Bangkok!! The 12 hour train ride wasn't as painful as I thought it was gonna be....we passed the time playing cards, chatting, snacking, and watching a movie. Our full car cleared out because the aircon was broken- but we stayed. The fans were working fine, it was plenty cool, and we both hate aircon anyways. First up: snacking on pastries we picked up @ the train station. Then a few heated matches of ShitHead, a Dutch card game! I was smoking Micks ass the first two rounds...bent out of shape about losing at his own game, he challenged me to another round. Cocky- I complied. He beat me. Okay, okay- go again! Damnit, he beat me again. Now we were tied. The final round JUST slipped through my fingertips, giving up the World Domination ShitHead title to the Dutchman. To ease the competitive tension, we threw on a movie - the animated movie Over The Hedge. It was super cute and it was nice to pass some time. Mick went to sleep shortly after the movie, and me- Miss Insomnia, opted for a book instead. I finished SHANTARAM, and I pray to god that there is a sequel coming out!!! There are so many more details that this nosey girl wants to know! Still not tired, I tossed and turned, eventually settling into the uncomfortable seats. I was in and out of sleep for a few hours, admiring (or shall I say envying) Micks deep sleep. He moved around to every available seat in the car, somewhere different each time I woke up. He said that he did this to keep his back from cramping. Ha. Arrived in Chiang Mai 30minutes early- hooray! Made our way to our guesthouse, which was still closed, and had some coffee next door. Let the Chiang Mai adventures begin.

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