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Thursday, February 3, 2011


Last night I tossed and turned, stressing about money- regretting some of the lavish meals I enjoyed in Seattle and the nice (expensive) boots I purchased as well. If I'd been a bit more frugal in the states I would be able to live an indulgent life here. Oh well. The past is the past. As I lay stressing in bed, I vowed to start a strict budget. No more $5 dinners or afternoon beers. I actually would be keeping to budget if I weren't traveling around...but bus tickets, TukTuks and adventures add up. Well- I purchase a delightful Khmer sandwich for breakfast for only 3,000reil (about 60 cents) was delicious and to budget. Hop, or shall I say Cram, into the van and an hour into it my stomach starts to rumble. Now let me tell you- I only have two fears while traveling; one that is very serious, and the other that would be comical to retell but quite devastating to actually experience. The serious: being raped. The traumatizing to experience but funny to tell: shitting yourself...something that is all to real for travelers in poor countries. So, back to the story- tummy rumbles, so I pop an immodium. Stomach cramps, I panic, pop another i.m. because im having visions of having to climb over a van full of people to throw myself from the van and poo on the side of the road! So much for a budget breakfast. We finally arrive to our destination and I am ecstatic about our lovely accommodations at the Tree Top Eco Lodge. We are in an adorable bungalow that looks straight out of Peter pan- it's hidden in the forest- cute, quaint and peaceful. It's not to my strict budget, 15 a night (7.50ea), but it's still loads cheaper than costa rica. Headed to town now to organize our trek. Organize trek: $100. Damnit, breaking budget. Eat lunch @ Baunchao Annies, Baunchao is only 0.50...back on budget. Walking back to the Tree Top, Gillian and I complain of aches and pains- decide to spend extra day in phnom penh and have a full spa day when we get back from trek. Budget? What budget? I'm now vowing to start that budget once I arrive at the beach in Sihanoukville, and until then I'm going to enjoy my fabulous Eco Lodge, a beer and some pizza, and a spa day...

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