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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Share Taxi.

Our share taxi arrived in Kratie only 20minutes late. We heard that it would be tight- but this is impressive- almost like a little clown vehicle with 10clowns inside, only in here we have 22. Yep, 22 people in a regular sized passenger van that would normally fit no more than 15. But not only do we have 22 people- we have a dozen very large travel backpacks, bags of rice, and even a motorbike that has been tied onto the back of the van. In the front seat there are 5 grown men...5! The driver is actually sitting on someones lap. We've jut begun, and have about 4 hours to go. Wish me luck.

Well- the trip took 5 hours. And once we hit the dirt roads, about an hour and a half into the drive, we had to shut the windows to safe ourselves from the dust. It was hot. Quite hot. And no air con. On the way though I friended the 3 boys from Denmark that I was sharing a seat with- and now they'll be trekking with us! It will add to the fun and it will make our cost per person drop. Can't wait!

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