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Thursday, February 3, 2011


After a full week of hearing about Gillians favorite food here in Cambodia- I finally got to try it for myself. Bunchoa. My NEW favorite food in the whole wide world. I know, I said that about the coconut rice and bananas, and even before that about the nutella banana crepes- but THIS, this is my new favorite. Hands down. We stopped at a little shack that secretly was named Bunchao Annie...and they served only BUNCHAO!

Bunchao: meat, baby shrimps, sprouts, a few veggies and spices wrapped inside a thin egg pancake- which you tear up and wrap in lettuce and herbs and then dip into a spicy, tangy sauce (that you add peanuts to). It is fucking outstanding. And cheap...2500 reil, about 55 cents. The lettuce, other assorted greens, and herbs come in a huge basket and then you just tear, wrap, create and enjoy.

The ultimate finger food, overwhelming flavor with each bite- amazing.

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  1. sounds amazing! Wish I was there! Don't regret your lavish meals in Seattle, there will be more in May! love you to pieces! xoxo Julisa